The Scottish Undertakers in the Ulster Plantation

Henry Jones Ford

The first list of Scottish applicants for Ulster allotments was completed by September 14, 1609. The following is the list as given in volume VIII of the official edition of the Register of the Privy Council of Scotland:

ADAMSON, JAMES, brother of Mr. William Adamson of Graycrook [Craigcrook]: surety, Andrew Heriot of Ravelston: 2,000 acres.

AITCHISON, HARRY, in Edinburgh: surety, Mr. James Cunningham of Mountgrennan: 2,000 acres.

ALEXANDER, ROBERT, son of Christopher Alexander, burgess of Stirling: surety, his said father: 1,000 acres.

ANDERSON, JAMES, portioner of Little Govan: surety, John Allison in Carsbrig: 1,000 acres.

ANDERSON, JOHN, burgess of Edinburgh: surety, Thomas Anderson, burgess there.

BELLENDEN, JOHN, son of the late Justice-Clerk Sir Lewis Bellenden: surety, Sir George Livingstone of Ogilface: 2,000 acres.

BELLENDEN, WILLIAM, also son of the late Sir Lewis Bellenden: surety, Mr. John Hart, younger, in the Canongate: 2,000 acres.

BORTHWICK, DAVID, chamberlain of Newbattle: surety, George Thorbrand, burgess of Edinburgh: 2,000 acres.

BROWN, JOHN, in Gorgie Mill: surety, Harry Aikman, in Brumehouse: 2,000 acres.

CARMICHAEL, DAVID, son of James Carmichael of Pottishaw: surety, Mr. John Ross, burgess of Glasgow: 1,000 acres.

COLQUHOUN, MR. MALCOLM, burgess of Glasgow: surety, Alexander Colquhoun of Luss: 2,000 acres.

COUTTS, ROBERT, of Corswoods: surety, John Coutts, skinner, burgess of Edinburgh: 1,000 acres.

CRANSTOUN, NATHANIEL, son of Mr. Michael Cranstoun, minister of Cramond: surety, Robert Wardlaw in Edinburgh: 1,500 acres.

CRAWFORD, DANIEL, goldsmith in Edinburgh: surety, George Crawford goldsmith there: 1,000 acres.

CRAWFORD, DAVID, son of Andrew Crawford of Bedlair: surety, Robert Montgomery of Kirktown: 2,000 acres.

CRAWFORD, JAMES, goldsmith, burgess of Edinburgh: surety, Archibald Hamilton of Bairfute: 2,000 acres.

CRAWFORD, ROBERT, of Possil: surety, John Montgomery of Cokilbie: 2,000 acres.

CRICHTON, ABRAHAM, brother of Thomas Crichton of Brunstone: surety, said Crichton of Brunstone: 2,000 acres.

CRICHTON, THOMAS, of Brunstone: surety, Mr. James Cunningham of Mountgrennan: 2,000 acres.

CUNNINGHAM, ALEXANDER, of Powton: surety, George Murray of Broughton: 2,000 acres.

CUNNINGHAM, JOHN, of Raws: surety, James Guidlet in Strabrock: 2,000 acres.

DALYRYMPLE, JAMES, brother of Dalyrymple of Stair: surety, George Crawford, younger of Auchincorse: 2,000 acres.

DOUGLAS, GEORGE, of Shiell: surety, Douglas of Pumpherston: 2,000 acres.

DOUGLAS, JAMES, of Clappertoun: surety, George Douglas of Shiell: 1,000 acres.

DOUGLAS, WILLIAM, son of Joseph Douglas of Pumpherston: surety, his said father: 2,000 acres.

DUNBAR, ALEXANDER, of Egirness: surety, George Murray of Broughton: 2,000 acres.

DUNBAR, JOHN, of Avach, surety, David Lindsay, Keeper of the Tolbooth of Edinburgh: 2,000 acres.

FINLAYSON, MR. JOHN, heir apparent of Killeith: surety, John Dunbar of Avach: 2,000 acres.

FORRES, JOHN, in Dirleton: surety, Walter Ker of Cocklemill: 2,000 acres.

FORSTER, WILLIAM, in Leith: surety, John Forster in Edinburgh: 1,000 acres.

FOWLER, WILLIAM, merchant-burgess in Edinburgh: surety, James Inglis, skinner, burgess of Edinburgh: 2,000 acres.

GUIDLET, JAMES, in Strabrock: surety, John Cunningham of Raws: 2,000 acres.

HAMILTON, CLAUD, of Creichness: surety, Archibald Hamilton of Bairfute: 2,000 acres.

HAMILTON, GEORGE, of East Binnie: surety, Mr. Edward Marshall, clerk of commissary of Edinburgh: 2,000 acres.

HAMILTON, ROBERT, of Stanshouse: 2,000 acres.

HAMILTON, ROBERT, son of the late Gilbert Hamilton: surety, Gavin Hamilton of Raploch: 2,000 acres.

HEPBURN, ALEXANDER, of Bangla: surety, Sir Robert Hepburn of Alderstoun: 2,000 acres.

HOME, ROBERT, of Blackhills: surety, Mr. John Home of Swansheill: 2,000 acres.

INGLIS, THOMAS, younger of Auldliston: surety, James, Lord Torphichen: 1,000 acres.

IRVING, ROBERT, at the mill of Cowie: surety, Edward Johnston, younger, merchant in Edinburgh: 2,000 acres.

JOHNSTONE, JOHN, bailie of Water of Leith: surety, Daniel Coutts in Dairy Mill: 2,000 acres.

KER, WALTER, of Cocklemill: surety, John Forres in Dirleton: 1,500 acres.

LAUDER, ALEXANDER, son of William Lauder of Bellhaven: surety, his said father: 2,000 acres.

LINDSAY, MR. JEROME, in Leith: surety, David Lindsay, keeper of the Tolbooth of Edinburgh: 2,000 acres.

LINDSAY, MR. ROBERT, in Leith: surety, George Smailholm in Leith: 2,000 acres.

LIVINGSTON, SIR GEORGE, of Ogilface: surety, John Crawford of Bearcrofts: 2,000 acres.

LOCKHART, STEPHEN, of Wicketshaw: surety, Thomas Weir of Kirktoun: 2,000 acres.

McCLELLAN, HERBERT, of Grogrie: surety, George Murray of Broughton: 2,000 acres.

McCULLOCH, JAMES, of Drummorell: surety, George Murray of Broughton: 2,000 acres.

McGILL, M. SAMUEL, burgess of Glasgow: surety, Robert Gray, brother of Patrick, Lord Gray: 2,000 acres.

MAC WALTER, PARLANE, of Auchinvennell: surety, Alexander Colquhoun of Luss: 2,000 acres.

MARJORIBANKS, THOMAS, son of Thomas Marjoribanks of Ratho: surety, John Marjoribanks, apparent of Ratho: 2,000 acres.

MELDRUM, JOHN, brother of the Laird of Seggie: surety, Ramsay of Balmonth: 2,000 acres.

MELVILLE, JAMES, son of John Melville of Raith: surety, James Melville of Fodinche: 2,000 acres.

MONTGOMERY, ROBERT, of Kirktown: surety, Robert Crawford of Possill: 2,000 acres.

MOWBRAY, WILLIAM, son of John Mowbray of Groftangry: surety, his said father: 2,000 acres.

MURE, JAMES, portioner of Both-Kenner: surety, Cuthbert Cunningham, provost of Dumbarton: 2,000 acres.

MURRAY, GEORGE, of Broughton: surety, Alexander Dunbar of Egirness: 2,000 acres.

ORROCK, CAPTAIN DAVID: surety, Lord Ochiltree: 2,000 acres.

PONT, MR. TIMOTHY, minister: surety, Alexander Borthwick of Nether Laich: 2,000 acres.

PURVES, THOMAS, in Bald: surety, John Purves, cordiner in Edinburgh: 1,000 acres.

RAMSAY, ALEXANDER, brother of Thomas Ramsay of Balmonth: surety, Meldrum of Seggie: 2,000 acres.

ROSS, MR. JOHN, burgess of Glasgow: surety, James Carmichael of Pottishaw: 1,500 acres.

SMAILHOLM, GEORGE, in Laith: surety, Mr. Robert Lindsay in Leith: 2,000 acres.

STEWART, HARRY, of Barskimming: surety, Lord Ochiltree: 2,000 acres.

STEWART, JAMES, of Rossyth: surety, William Stewart of Dunduff: 2,000 acres.

STEWART, ROBERT, uncle of Lord Ochiltree: surety, said Lord Ochiltree: 2,000 acres.

STEWART, ROBERT, of Robertoun: surety, William Stewart of Dunduff: 2,000 acres.

STEWART, ROBERT, in Edinburgh: surety, William Stewart of Dunduff: 2,000 acres.

STEWART, WILLIAM, of Dunduff: surety, Lord Ochiltree: 2,000 acres.

TARBET, JAMES, servitor to the Earl of Dumfermline: surety, Thomas Inglis, younger of Auldliston: 1,000acres.

THORBRAND, ALEXANDER, son of George Thorbrand, burgess of Edinburgh: surety, his said father: 1,500 acres.

WATSON, MR. JAMES, portioner of Sauchton: surety, John Watson, portioner of Sauchton: 2,000 acres.

WATSON, JOHN, portioner of Sauchton: surety, James Crawford, goldsmith, burgess of Edinburgh: 2,000 acres.

WEIR, THOMAS, of Kirktoun: surety, Stephen Lockhart ofWicketshaw: 2,000 acres.

WILKIE, JOHN, burgess of Edinburgh: surety, James Murray, burgess there: 2,000 acres.

WOOD, ANDREW, brother of John Wood of Galstoun: surety, his said brother: 2,000 acres.


The Scottish Undertakers who were actually granted allotments in Ulster were those on the list made up in 1610 by the King and his English Privy Council sitting in London. The following schedule is taken from Vol. IX of the Register of the Privy Council of Scotland:


LUDOVIC STEWART, Duke of Lennox (in Donegal County).

JAMES HAMILTON, Earl of Abercorn (in County Tyrone).

ESME STEWART, Lord D'Aubigny, brother of the Duke of Lennox (in County Cavan).

MICHAEL, BALFOUR, Lord of Burley (in County Fermanagh).

ANDREW STEWART, Lord Ochiltree (in County Tyrone).


JOHN CLAPEN (in County Tyrone).

SIR JAMES CUNNINGHAM, of Glengarnock (in County Donegal).

SIR JAMES DOUGLAS (in County Armagh).


SIR CLAUD HAMILTON (in County Tyrone).

SIR JOHN HOME (in County Fermanagh).

SIR ROBERT MacLELLAN, of Bomby (in County Donegal).


———— BALFOUR, Younger of Montquhany (in County Fermanagh).

SIR THOMAS BOYD (in County Tyrone).

WILLIAM FOWLER (in County Fermanagh).

JAMES HAIG (in County Tyrone).

ROBERT HAMILTON (in County Fermanagh).

SIR ROBERT HEPBURN, late Lieutenant of the King's Guardin Scotland (in County Tyrone).

GEORGE MURRAY, of Broughton (in County Donegal).

WILLIAM STEWART, brother of Lord Garlies (in County Donegal).

SIR JOHN WISHART of Pitarro (in County Fermanagh).


HENRY AITCHINSON (in County Armagh).


JOHN AUCHMUTIE (in County Cavan).

WILLIAM BAILLIE (in County Cavan).

JOHN BROWN (in County Cavan).

———— CRAWFORD, of Liefnoreis (in County Tyrone).

JOHN CRAIG (in County Armagh).

ALEXANDER CUNNINGHAM, of Powton (in County Donegal).

CUTHBERT CUNNINGHAM (in County Donegal).

JAMES CUNNINGHAM (in County Donegal).

JOHN CUNNINGHAM, of Granfield (in County Donegal).

SIR JOHN DRUMMOND, of Bordland (in County Tyrone).

ALEXANDER DUNBAR (in County Donegal).

JOHN DUNBAR (in County Fermanagh).

WILLIAM DUNBAR (in County Cavan).

JAMES GIBB (in County Fermanagh).

SIR CLAUD HAMILTON (in County Cavan).

CLAUD HAMILTON (in County Armagh).

GEORGE HAMILTON (in County Tyrone).

ALEXANDER HUME (in County Fermanagh).

WILLIAM LAUDER (in County Armagh).

BARNARD LINDSAY (in County Tyrone).

JOHN LINDSAY (in County Fermanagh).

ROBERT LINDSAY (in County Tyrone).

ALEXANDER MACAULAY, of Durling (in County Donegal).

JAMES MACCULLOCH (in County Donegal).

SIR PATRICK M'KIE (in County Donegal).

———— MONEYPENNY, of Kinkell (in County Fermanagh).

JOHN RALSTON (in County Cavan).

GEORGE SMAILHOLM (in County Fermanagh).

JOHN STEWART (in County Donegal).

ROBERT STEWART, of Haltoun (in County Tyrone).

ROBERT STEWART of Robertoun (in County Tyrone).

SIR WALTER STEWART, of Minto (in County Donegal).

WILLIAM STEWART, of Dunduff (in County Donegal).

JAMES TRAIL (in County Fermanagh)

PATRICK VAUS (in County Donegal).