The Colonization of Virginia

The North American Colonies till their Separation from Britain

A chapter from "The British Empire in the Nineteenth Century" by Edgar Sanderson, which gives a good overview of the colonization of North America until the end of the Revolutionary War and the settlement of Virginia in particular

Articles on the Scotch-Irish in Virginia

The Valley Ulsterman: A Chapter in Virginia History

An address delivered before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, 1896, by Armistead C. Gordon

The Scotch-Irish in Virginia

An extract relating to the Scotch-Irish from "Old Virginia and Her Neighbours," 1897, by John Fiske

The Scotch-Irish in Western Virginia

An address by Col. William Preston Johnston, President of Tulane University, New Orleans, LA., taken from the Proceedings of the Fifth Congress of the Scotch-Irish Society, Springfield, O., May 11-14, 1893

The Scotch-Irish of the Valley of Virginia

An address by the Hon. Joseph Addison Waddell of Staunton, Virginia, taken from the Seventh Congress of the Scotch-Irish Society of America, at Lexington, Va., June 20-23, 1895

The Scotch-Irish of the South

An address by the Hon. William Wirt Henry, LLD., of Virginia, taken from the from the Proceedings of the First Congress of the Scotch-Irish Society, held at Columbia, Tennessee, May 8-11, 1889

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