Warren (No. 2.) family genealogy

Of the County Down

Arms: Chequy or. and az.

About the middle of the 17th century, a branch of the Warrens of the West of England (whose descent is traced from the first Earl of Warren and Surrey and his Countess Gundreda) settled in the co. Down.

Matthew Warren of this branch (born about 1675) had three sons: Thomas, John, and William, (whose children died in infancy).

Thomas’s son, Matthew, had several sons who lived in and around Waringstown, co. Down, and Lurgan, co. Armagh, some of whose descendants are still in Lurgan and that neighbourhood. Matthew’s son, William, had left one surviving son, Mr. Thomas Warren, of Manitoba, and a grandson, Mr. John-Reynolds Warren (son of Matthew, deceased), who lives in Natal.

John, son of Matthew (b. 1675), had a son Thomas, who had several sons, one of these was Matthew Warren, J.P., of Wheeling, Virginia, U.S.A., whose sons, Isaiah and Archibald are still living; another was Edward, of county Down, who left an only son, the Rev. Thomas Warren, of Ennis, co. Clare (living in 1888), who married Anne-Peach, daughter of the late commander, William S. Robins, R.N.

See Warren (No.2.) corrigenda.