Redmond (No. 2.) family genealogy

Arms, Crest, and Motto, the same as “Redmond,” No. 1.

Thomas Redmond, the youngest son of Alexander who is No. 23 on the “Redmond” (No. 1) pedigree, was the ancestor of this branch of that family. He was styled “of Fethard,” where he held considerable property of his brother Alexander. His lands along with his wife’s patrimony were forfeited after the war of 1641-1652. He mar. Armisilla, an heiress, and had three sons, viz.: I. Robert; II. Michael, his heir; III. Charles.

25. Michael Redmond, of Fethard, the second son, d. in 1650, leaving by Bridget, his wife (daughter of Edmond Stafford of Ballymagayan, Esq., who then also lost his estates by forfeiture), three sons:

  1. Garrett.
  2. Thomas.
  3. Charles.

26. Garrett Redmond, “of Fethard,” the eldest son, is supposed to have settled in the north of the co. Wexford, where he gave his name to the parish of Ballygarrett, which is near Cahore Point, on the sea coast, and which to this day is the great stronghold of this family name. He mar. Joan, daughter of Matthew Codd, of Castletown of Carne, Barony of Forth, Esq., whose property was then also forfeited; and, dying in 1662, left three sons also, viz.:—Oliver, James, and Charles.

27. Oliver MacGarrett Redmond, of Ballenecurry, Ardimaine Parish, Barony of Ballaghkeene, co. Wexford, the eldest son. His patrimony (including the lands of Ballylosky, Glanbarron, Askengarron, Ballymangen, Monefarney, etc., in the Parish of Ardimaine) was forfeited in the troubles of 1641, and given to one John Warren. (Down Survey.) He mar. Joan, dau. of John Doran,[1] of Doranstown, Esq., Barony of Ballaghkeene (whose patrimony also was confiscated), and had four sons:

  1. Gabriel.
  2. Patrick, of Killegow, “Surety for Priests, in 1704,” under the Penal Laws.
  3. Mark, of Ballentoole, “Surety for Priests, 1704,” under the Penal Laws.
  4. Nicholas, of Ballynamoney, “Surety for Priests, 1704,” under the Penal Laws.

28. Gabriel Redmond, of Ballenecurry, the eldest son. This gentleman purchased considerable property in the Barony of Ballaghkeene, and by a “Decree of Grace,” dated 16th August, 36 Car. II. (1684), obtained Letters patent of his estate. (See the original Patent, in the Vol. “Commission of Grace,” in the Public Record Office, Dublin.) Born 1627, died 1691, aged 64. He lies buried in Donaghmore, an ancient cemetery in Ballygarrett Parish, where his tomb is still to be seen. He married Mary, dau. of Arthur Redmond, of Kilmichael, Esq., and widow of James Gilligan of Cahore, and had (with two younger sons— Augustine, who was a general in the Spanish Service, and Matthew who was also a general in the same service) an elder son and heir, viz.

29. John[2] Redmond, of Killygowan, co. Wexford, succeeded his father in the confirmed estates. He mar. Catherine, dau. of Edward Nixon,[3] of Bellmont, co. Wexford, Esq., and had four sons and three daughters, viz.:

  1. Matthew, his heir, of whom presently.
  2. Sir Gabriel Redmond, Knight, of St. Louis; Cadet in 1734, Captain in 1754, in the Irish Brigade, in the French Service (Regiment of Walsh Serrant); he was dangerously wounded in the engagement at Marburg; his only son, Henry Redmond, a Captain in Dillon’s Brigade, died in Jamaica.
  3. Francis Redmond, a priest, born in 1718, died 1793, at Ballybawera. Was a missionary priest in his native barony.
  4. Michael Redmond, “Le Chevalier de Redmond,” “Maitre de Camp reformé de Cavalerie;” Brigadier in 1748, Lieutenant-General and General in 1762, in the French Service; and, in 1763, aide-de camp to the Emperor of Germany. His son, Sir Michael Redmond, Knight, of St. Louis, Cadet in 1750, and Chef de Bataillon in 1774; was in the Regiment of Walsh-Serrant with his uncle Gabriel.

The three daughters of John Redmond were:

  1. Anne, wife of Jordan Roache, of Roachfield, co. Kilkenny.
  2. Magdalen, wife of John Cooke of Cookestown or Sleanagrane, co. Wexford.
  3. Agnes, wife of Mark Stafford, Esq.

30. Matthew Redmond of Killygowan House, J.P., the eldest son, mar., first, Anne, dau. of John Rice of Aghare, Esq., by whom he had (with three daughters—Anne, Catherine, and Maria,) two sons, viz.:

  1. John, of whom presently.
  2. Thomas-Ignatius Redmond of Ballyboy, who mar. Catherine, dau. of John Cooke of Cookestown or Sleanagrane; and, dying in 1782, was interred in Meelnagh, leaving an only son Matthew, a colonel in the French Service, who died in France, unmarried.

Matthew Redmond of Killygowan, m., secondly, Mary Williamson (sister of Captain Williamson, R.N., and widow of Edward Rice, of Aghare, Esq.), by whom he had four daughters, viz.:

  1. Martha, who married Thomas Richards, of Rathaspeck, Esq., and had issue two daughters.
  2. Margaret, who mar. Edward Sutton of Summerhill (son of Michael Sutton of Summerhill and Dama Castle, Esq., second brother of Count Clonard of France, by Margaret, dau. of William Talbot of Castle Talbot), by whom she had one dau. and heiress, Mary Sutton, who mar. James[4] Talbot of Maryville, co. Wexford, Esq., and of Knockmullen, younger brother of John Hyacinth Talbot, Esq., and uncle of the present John H. Talbot, of Castle Talbot, co. Wexford, Esq.
  3. Mary-Williamson, who mar. Abraham Goodall, of Kilcorral, Esq.
  4. Elizabeth, who m. Christopher Wilson, of Skarr, Esq., and had issue.

Mr. Redmond died in 1780, and was interred in Meelnagh. He was succeeded by his eldest son:

31. John Redmond, of Newtown, co. Wexford, and of Charlemont-street, city of Dublin, Esq., J.P., b. 1737. He mar. Anne, elder dau. and co-heiress (with her sister Catherine, who m. Thomas Ignatius Redmond) of John[5] Cooke, of Cookestown, otherwise Sleanagrane, Esq. He died, aged 82, on the 28th Nov., 1819, at his city mansion in Charlemont-8treet (still standing), and was interred at Meelnagh, leaving issue four sons and two daughters, viz.:

  1. John Cooke Redmond,[6] the eldest son (“obiit vita patris”). He was murdered at “The Island Gate,” on Whit-Sunday, 27th May, 1798, by a man named John Lawless, who cut him in two with a scythe fixed to a pike handle; he was interred at Meelnagh, æt. 28.
  2. Gabriel Rice Redmond, second son, of whom presently.
  3. Michael Redmond, the third son, a captain in the army; he served in the Peninsular Campaign, under the Duke of Wellington, in the 102nd Regiment. He mar. Mary, dau. of John McDonnell, of Wexford, Esq.; and died at Finglas, co. Dublin, on the 27th December 1831, aged 59 years, and was buried in Richmond cemetery, leaving an only son, Henry-Michael Redmond, of Popefield House, Athy, co. Kildare, Esq., J.P. for the Queen’s County (formerly of Birchville, county Wicklow); born in 1820 (11 years old at father’s death). He mar., first in 1840, Mary Weld, only child of the Very Rev. Canon Charles-Barker Stennett, P.P. of Kilquade, co. Wicklow (formerly a Lieutenant in the North York Militia, before his accession to the Priesthood), a kinsman of the Weld family of Lulworth. Mrs. Redmond died at Popefield, 16th April, 1869, and was interred at Richmond cemetery, leaving at her death a son and a daughter:
    1. Charles Stennett Redmond, Esq., M.D., in practice at Gateshead-on-Tyne; b. 5th February, 1843; mar. 30th August, 1860, Anna-Helen, eldest daughter of William Robinson, Esq., M.D., of Gateshead-on-Tyne, and has issue: 1. Mary-Weld-Stennett Redmond, born 6th June, 1881; 2. Charles-Henry-Stennett Redmond, b. 2nd November, 1882; 3. Henry-Michael-Stennett Redmond, b. 4th September, 1884; 4. Alexander-de-Raymond-Stennett Redmond, born 18th February, 1887.
    2. Mary-Stennett Redmond, b. 23rd March, 1845, d. 18th February, 1866, unmarried; buried in Richmond cemetery, Dublin.

Mr. Redmond mar., secondly, on 20th July, 1870, Magdalen, dau. of John Cooke, Esq., of Rossena, Queen’s County, and of Harcourt-street, Dublin, solicitor; no issue.

  1. Henry-Thompson Redmond, (fourth and youngest son of John Redmond, of Newtown), of Killoughter House, county Wicklow, J.P. and R.M.; succeeded to Sleanagrane and Ballinillard, under his father’s will. He was a solicitor by profession; was sometime Receiver of the Metropolitan Police, at Dublin Castle; and subsequently, for some years, R.M. at Carrick-on-Suir. He was the first Catholic Magistrate appointed in Ireland after the passing of the Emancipation Act. Born 9th June, 1787, d. 1860. He mar., first, Margaret, youngest dau. of Jonathan Lynch of the city of Dublin, and niece of Patrick and James Lynch, Esq., of the Castle, Galway; she d. without issue, 20th March, 1820. He mar., secondly, 14th February, 1825, Frances, dau. and co-heiress (with her younger sister Catherine White, of Scarnagh) of Thomas O’Byrne, Esq., of Killoughter House, co. Wicklow, by Margaret, heiress to her uncle Pat. Byrne, of Killoughter; she died 1830. At his death, Mr. Redmond left issue a son and a daughter:
    1. John Henry O’Byrne Redmond, of Killoughter House, co. Wicklow, and of Sleanagrane and Ballinillard, co. Wexford, only son and heir. He was Chamberlain to the late Pope Pius IX., and a Count of the Papal States; born in 1825, died at Rome, of cholera, in 1866. He m. Emilia-Georgiana, only dau. of General Count Manly. (The marriage was celebrated in October, 1849, at Alton Towers, the seat of the Earl of Shrewsbury, who was allied to the Redmond family), and had issue a son and a daughter:
      1. Reginald-Pius-Rudolph-Plantagenet Redmond, Count of the Papal States, commonly called “The Count de Raymond,” who succeeded to the Killoughter property, and Sleanagrane and Ballinillard, etc., in the co. Wexford; born in 1851, and living in 1887, unmarried at 61 Rue Blanche, Paris.
      2. Gwendoline Redmond, a Nun, living in Paris, 1887.
    2. Frances Gabriella Redmond (sister of John H. O’B. Redmond), a Nun at St. Catherine’s Convent, Bow-road, London; living in 1887.

32. Gabriel Rice Redmond, of whom we treat, second surviving son of John Redmond of Newtown; succeeded to Boulabawn and Ballinteggart and other lands in county Wexford, on the death of his brother John; b. 1768; M.D., T.C.D. Was gazetted surgeon to the 28th Regiment in 1795; attained the rank of Inspector-General of Military Hospitals, in 1812; and, in 1814, retired on half-pay, owing to ill-health resulting from service abroad. He resided many years at Caen, in Normandy, but returned to his native county before his death, which took place at Mount Henry, co. Wexford, on 19th April, 1832, aged 64; was interred in the family vault at Meelnagh. He m. Philadelphia-Barbara, dau. of John Johnston, Esq., of Grenton, county Dumfries (of the Westerhall family, and a kinsman of the Marquesses of Queensberry, and the families of Johnstone and Douglas, claimants to the extinct Marquisate and Earldom of Annandale). By this marriage, which took place in Minorca in 1801 (of which island Mr. Johnstone was governor), there were two sons, John and Henry-Edward, of whom presently, and six[7] daus. (see “Redmond,” No. 3), besides children who died in infancy.

33. John-Walsingham-Cooke Redmond, of Movilla, near Skreen, co. Wexford, J.P., B.A., T.C.D., eldest son and heir; born in Canada 5th March, 1813; mar. Eleanor-Fetherstonhaugh, dau. of the late James Sweeney, Esq., of Clonakilty, co. Cork, and left at his decease in 1862, two sons and two daughters:

34. Gabriel-John-Walsingham Redmond (living in 1887), eldest son and heir; b. 1st October, 1850 (12 years old at his father’s death). Present head and male representative of the “Redmond” family; 34th in direct lineal descent from Othoer, and 29th from Raymond le Gros. His brother James-Charles-Douglas Redmond, died young; b. in Meelnagh. His sisters are: 1. Frances Eleanor; 2. Philadelphia.


[1] Doran: This John Doran was representative of the ancient Brehons of Leinster.

[2] John: This John Redmond died in 1748, and was interred in the family vault at Meelnagh, where his tomb can be seen.

[3] Nixon: By the marriage of John Redmond and Catherine Nixon their descendants became allied to Lords Mountnorris and Donoughmore, and to William Talbot of Castle Talbot, whose dau. Maria mar. John Talbot, the 14th Earl of Shrewsbury: the present Earl of Mountnorris, Earl of Donoughmore, and Talbot of Castle Talbot being all descended from Edward Nixon.

[4] James: George Talbot, son and heir of James Talbot and Mary Sutton, was a Resident Magistrate in the county of Mayo, and afterwards Chief Commissioner of the Dublin Metropolitan Police. His sister Margaret married the Hon. John Charles Dundas, youngest brother of the second Earl of Zetland, and father of Laurence Dundas, the third and present Earl of Zetland.

[5] John: This John Cooke was descended from Doctor Sacheverall, and Sir Walsingham Cooke.

[6] Redmond: Father John Redmond, who, in 1798, was hanged on Gorey Hill, co. Wexford, belonged to the family of the Redmonds of Ballinakill, in the parish of Marshallstown (or Newtown Barry). He was first cousin to Father Aidan Redmond of Arklow, Parish Priest, who was uncle to the late Very Rev. James Redmond, Archdeacon of Glendalough.

Lord Mount Norris was on most intimate terms with the Very Rev. Dr. Francis Kavanagh, P.P. of Clogh, near Camolin, and with Father John Redmond, his curate; frequently entertained them at his festive board; and declared that they were “the most accomplished gentlemen he had ever met.” The Insurrection of 1798 broke out. Father John Redmond stood absolutely aloof from the “Rebels,” who, therefore, called him “an Orange Priest;” but, unhappily for himself, he prevailed on them to spare Camolin Park House, and this charitable act was the cause of his death.

When the “rising” was put down, Lord Mount Norris, who (to the knowledge of the Government) had been “a United Irishman,” thought the best proof he could give of untainted loyalty, and of utter detestation of the Rebel cause, was the immolation of a Catholic priest. He therefore sent for Father John Redmond, under pretence of giving him a protection, and then charged him with being a leader of the Rebels; since he had sufficient influence to save his mansion (Camolin Park House); and the leaders were excepted from amnesty. It is said that Mount Norris brought Father Redmond in a prisoner to the British Camp at Gorey Hill, with a rope about his neck; hanged him up to a tree, and fired a brace of bullets through his body. It was cleverly done by Mount Norris; but his race is now extinct.

Another of the many incidents, as recorded by an eye-witness of the Insurrection of 1798, which occurred in the county Wexford, was as follows: In a townland named Cora, in the parish of Ferns, about a mile from Ballycarney, which is half-way between Enniscorthy and Newtownbarry, there lived a family named RedmondHall-Dare; and in whose honour the charming village of Bunclody was called “Newtownbarry.”

[7] Six: The six daughters were: 1. Anne-Douglas Redmond, d. unm.; 2. Eliza-Martha, d. unm.; 3. Georgiana-Annesley, d. unm.; 4. Philadelphia-Barbara, d. unm.; 5. Mary, d. unm.; 6. Margaret Redmond, who mar. John Roe of Ballycross, county Wexford, Esq., J.P., and D.L., High Sheriff in 1858, and had issue.