Nugent (No. 1.) family genealogy

Arms: Εrm. two bars gu.

Some say that this family is descended from the ancient Dukes of Lorraine, and that Sir Gilbert De Nogent, with his brother Richard De Capello and two other gentlemen of their name, came into Ireland with Sir Hugh De Lacy, who gave the said Gilbert one of his daughters in marriage, and, as a marriage portion with her, the barony of “Delvin”—as in the following Deed: “De omnes terras et tenementa quæ quondam O’Finelan, habuit, fixo consanguineo meo Gilberto De Nogent.” The said Sir Gilbert having died without issue, left the estates to his brother Richard De Capello, Lord Justice of Ireland, whose daughter and only heir being married to Baron Jones, he became, in her right, Baron of Delvin; which title continued in the family for four generations, until by the failure of heirs male, and the marriage of Catherine, daughter and sole heir of the last Baron Jones, to William Nogent, of Braclon, descended from the said Gilbert, or from one of his kinsmen, who came with him to Ireland, the estate and honour returned to the Nogent family. This William Nogent was the first who assumed the name Nugent.

According to O’Dugan, this William was the ancestor of Nugent, and fifth in descent from Connor O’Connor, King of Meath, who was a brother of Cathal (or Charles) Craobhdearg, the fifty-first Christian King of Connaught, and (see p. 634, Vol. I.) No. 112 on the O’Connor (Kings of Connaught) pedigree. This Connor O’Connor was also a younger brother of Roderick O’Connor, the 183rd Monarch of Ireland, who died A.D. 1198.

112. Connor O’Connor: King of Meath; son of Tirloch Mór, who was the 48th Christian King of Connaught and 181st Monarch of Ireland.

113. Gilbert: his son; assumed the name De Nogent; had a brother named Richard na Capuill (“na capuill;” Irish, of the horses).

114. Gilbert (2): his son.

115. Thomas: his son.

116. Nicholas: his son.

117. William: his son; the first that assumed the name Nugent. This William had issue by his wife Catherine Jones, two sons—1. Richard, who was ancestor of Nugent, barons of Delvin and earls of Westmeath, and of the branches descended from them; 2. William, who was the ancestor of the Nugents of Taghmon, Moyrath, etc.

118. Richard Nugent: son of William; was the second lord baron of Delvin.

119. James, the third baron: his son.

120. Christopher, the fourth baron: his son.

121. Richard (2), the fifth baron: his son.

122. Christopher (2), the sixth baron: his son.

123. Richard (3), the seventh baron: his son.

124. Christopher Nugent: his son; the eighth baron of Delvin.