IV.—Modern Irish Gentry

The following is a brief summary of the family names that came into Ireland with the Cromwellian Settlement, or with the Revolution:

The Fairs, the Blacks, the Blonds, the Brights,

The Greens, the Browns, the Grays, the Whites;

The Parrotts, Eagles, Cocks, and Hens,

The Swallows, Snipes, Pyes, Robins, Wrens,

The Pidgeons, Sparrows, Hawks, and Rails,

Cranes, Finches, Nightingales, and Quails,

Our Peacocks, Woodcocks, Daws, and Craiks,

Kites, Moorcocks, Murrs, Gulls, Cootes, and Drakes.

The Hook, and Line, Boat, Weir, and Bath,

To catch the fish you please to eat:

As Pyke, and Roach, Codd, Salmon, Trout,

Carp, Sturgeon, Herring, Eel, and Sprat,

Place, Crab, and Soal, Tench, Bream, and Britt;

Our Bulls, and Bears, and Wolves, and Hares,

Strong, Steeds, and Hunters, Colts, and Mares;

Pig, Bacon, Bullock, Wither, Roe,

Buck, Badger, Levrett, Lamb, and Doe,

Vane, Speakers, Crokers, Prettie, Singers,

Hoppers, Skippers, Dancers, Springers.

The Hills, and Dales, Springs, Meades, and Bowers;

Churches, Staples, Pews, and Towers;

Bishops, Deacons, Deans, and Parsons,

Vicars, Proctors, Sextons, Masons;

The Coffin, Bier, the hollow Cave—

The apparatus of the Grave.

The Moon and Stars, Frost, Winter, Snow,

The Owl, the Raven, and the Crow.

Blake, Mountain, Ash, Rush, Heath, and Fern;

The Torrent, Flood, the Stony, Bourn.

The Gay, the Lively, Prim, and Bold,

The Bigg, the Little, Young, and Old,

Small, and Greatmen, Richmen, Goodmen,

Longmen, Strongmen, Chapmen, Woodmen,

Bastards, Boothbys, Judges, Princes,

Barbers, Squires, and Lords, and Dunces.

Some Champions, Constables, and Knights,

Crump, Sergeants, Bullys, Sundry Wights,—

As Pipers, Fiddlers, Harpers, Wrights.

Bowmen, Bridgmen, Divers, Swimmers,

Placemen, Stewards, Supple, Trimmers;

Turners, Carters, Leaders, Drivers,

Servants, Walkers, Jumpers, Drapers;

Plowmen, Forresters, and Reapers.

The Orchard, Meadow, Grove, and Park;

The Berry, Bramble, Twigg, and Bark.

Stone, Hedges, Gates, and Styles, and Dikes;

Rice, Clover, Beans, Straw, Hay, and Stacks;

Farmers, Hoskinsons, and Judkins,

Gookins, Jenkins, Rankins, and Rudkins;

The Batts, the Matts, the Natts, the Watts,

The Hodges, Ridges, Madges, Potts.

The Stopfords, Stratfords, Coles, and Craffords,

Alcocks, Haycocks, Crawleys, Traffords,

The Rowleys, Bayleys, Murdocks, Ladleys,

Newells, Howells, Cooks, and Bradleys,

The Naylors, Braziers, Smiths, and Graydons,

Gookins, Ludlows, Verners, Heydons.

The Sirrs, and Swans, Shoes, and Shoebottoms;

Hempenstall, and Higginbottoms,

The Jones, Downses, Fownes, Monsons,

Hobsons, Jobsons, Jacksons, Johnsons,

Gibsons, Gaysons, Leesons, Wilsons,

Thomsons, Griersons, and Tilsons,

With Nelson, Matson, Wellington,

Lewin, Langley, Billington.

And many more;—but let us stop.