Hussey family genealogy


Arms: Barry of six erm. and gu. on a canton of the last a cross or. Crest: A hind pass. ar. on a mount vert and under a tree ppr. Motto: Cor immobile.

This family is descended from Sir Hugh Hussey, who came to Ireland temp. Henry II.; and settled in the county Meath.

In the late Archdeacon Rowan’s interesting volume, entitled Lake Lore, there is an account of Maurice Hussey, who was M.P. for Tralee in the Parliament of James II., as well as Lieutenant-Colonel of MacElligott’s Regiment. He was married to a daughter of Sir Edward Hales, Bart., who was afterwards raised to an Earldom.

Lieutenant-Colonel Maurice Hussey’s military career is not recorded in the Archdeacon’s Memoir; but he gives a portion of his Will from the Consistorial Registry of the diocese, which shows that Hussey died in 1714, and directs that he shall be buried in his vault at Kilugus, clothed in the habit of St. Francis, “at night, if torches, lights, and lanthorns may be had.”

The Archdeacon adds that he could never find out to which of the once numerous branches of the Hussey family this Colonel belonged; and, further, that he left no direct representative.