Fleming (No. 2.) family genealogy

Arms, Crest, and Motto, same as “Fleming,” No. 1.

Thomas Fleming, third son of James, lord of Slane.

2. Edward: his son and heir.

3. Ger. of Gidan, co. Meath; his son and heir.

4. Thomas of Crinagh, county Meath: second son of Gerrard (or Gerald); d. 27th May, 1636; was m. to Rose, dau. of John Fitzjohn, of Slane.

5. James Fleming: his son; m. to Kathleen, dau. of Nicholas White of Deffron, co. Downgl.

This James had two brothers and one sister: the brothers were—1. Gerald, 2. Michael; and the sister was Anne, who was married to John Balfe of Crige, county Middlesex.