Fitzgerald (No. 1.) family genealogy

Arms: Ar. a saltire gu.

In page 18, of the MS. Vol. E. 3. 18, in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, it is stated—“Nestæ et ex ea prognatorum Giraldinorum, Stephandarum, atque Barrensium, Genealogia, Demetiæ, sive Suthwalliæ, Principes.”

1. Theodorus, son of Æneas; whom Giraldus Cambrensis describes in the 2nd and 3rd chapters of his Cambriæ.

2. Rhesus: his son; who married Gladys (A.D. 1108), by whom he had issue, Nesta.[1]

3. Griffinus: son of Rhesus: m. Guenliana

4. Rhesus: his son; living in 1188.

The following four generations are in the pedigree of “Fitzgerald,” according to E. 3. 18, above mentioned:

Fitzgerald family tree


[1] Nesta: Giraldus Cambrensis, who claims to have been descended from this Nesta, was a son of William de Barry, lord of “The Island of Barry, in Wales;” and was born in Pembrokeshire. Hence was he called—“Gerald the Welshman,” or Giraldus Cambrensis.