Druidical Temples

The Druidical Temples were likewise composed of huge stones standing upright in a circular form, with great top stones placed on them. The most perfect specimen existing of a Druidical temple is the stupendous monument of stones called “Stone-Henge,” on Salisbury Plain, in England; but in France there are Druidical remains far more extensive, though of ruder formation, at Carnac, in Bretagne, consisting of huge stones standing upright, some of them from twelve to fifteen feet in height; and of those immense stones it is stated, that four thousand still remain, formed into numerous concentric circles, and covering an area of about half a mile in diameter. As Druidism was the religious system of the Celtic nations, so Druidical monuments are found in all the countries possessed by the Celtic race. Cromleacs and other Druidical remains still exist in the county Dublin, at Mount Venus, near Tallaght: at Glen Druid, near Cabinteely; Glen Southwell or the Little Dargle, Larch Hill, Killiney Hill, and the Hill of Howth. In various parts of Kildare particularly about Naas and Kilcullin, are huge pillar stones considered to be Druidical remains.