Dalton (No. 1.) family genealogy

Arms: Az. a lion ramp. guard ar. charged on the shoulder with a crescent sa. betw. five fleurs-de-lis or.

There is no certain account of the origin of this family, other than that which we have by tradition, namely: That Sir Waltero de Aliton, a Frenchman, aspiring to gain the affections of his king’s daughter (which he obtained), so incurred the displeasure of her father, that, to avoid the fury of an incensed Monarch, Sir Waltero, with his lady, privately, retired into Ireland, which was then involved in great wars between the ancient natives and their invading English enemies; where, having signalized his great valour and good conduct on many occasions on the invader’s side, he was soon advanced to considerable offices and employments, and made governor of the borders of Meath, then the limits of the English conquests. In that part of the kingdom of Meath, now called “Westmeath,” Sir Waltero acquired great estates and possessions, which his posterity enjoyed until they were dispossessed by the Usurper Cromwell. This Sir Waltero was the ancestor of Dalton.

Sir Waltero de Aliton, so far as we can find, had but one son, who was named Philip De Aliton, from whose three sons—1. Nicholas, 2. Philip the Younger, and 3. John, the families of—1. Dalton, 2. Daton and Datoon, and 3. Delaton, are respectively descended.

1. Sir Waltero de Aliton.

2. Philip: his son.

3. Nicholas: his son; who was governor of Westmeath. This Nicholas had two brothers—1. Philip, who was ancestor of the Daltons of Emper, etc.; 2. John, the ancestor of the Daltons of Nochavall, etc.

4. Philbug: son of Nicholas.

5. Piers Dubh: his son.

6. Maurice Dalton: his son; first assumed this surname; had a brother named Edmond, who was the ancestor of the Daltons of Ballynacarrow.

7. Piers: son of Maurice. This Piers had two brothers—1. Maurice; and 2. Philip, who was the ancestor of the Daltons of Dungolman.

8. Edmond: his son; had a brother named John, who was the ancestor of the Daltons of Dundonnell, and of Molinmechan.

9. Thomas: son of Edmond.

10. Gerrott: his son.

11. Richard: his son; had thirteen sons, who were the ancestors of the Daltons of Milltown, Rolanstown, Skeabegg, etc.

12. Thomas (2): his son.

13. Edmond (2): his son.

14. Oliver: his son..

15. Christopher: his son.

16. Oliver (2): his son.

17. Christopher (2): his son; had two brothers—1. Edmond, 2. Thomas.

18. Oliver Dalton, of Milltown, Westmeath; his son; living in 1657.