Cusack family genealogy

Arms: Per pale ar. and sa. a fesse counterchanged.

Jeoffrey Le Cusack (who was so called from a town of that name in France, whence he came into Ireland at, or soon after, the English Invasion of that country) was the ancestor of Cusack, His posterity became very eminent and powerful; many of whom were knights, and some lords justices and governors of Ireland.

1. Jeoffrey le Cusack.

2. Jeoffrey Cusack: his son.

3. Adam: his son; who, in 1282, slew William Barrett and his brothers in Connaught, on account of a quarrel about lands.

4. Adam (2): his son.

5. Adam (3): his son.

6. Redmond: his son.

7. John: his son.

8. Barwal: his son.

9. Geoffrey (3): his son.

10. David: his son.

11. Walter: his son.

12. Nicholas: his son.

13. Christopher: his son.

14. Thomas: his son.

15. Patrick Cusack[1]: his son.


[1] Cusack: In Bath Church there is a tablet to the memory of a Robert Cusack, of the county Dublin, to the following effect (see Notes and Queries for 18th March, 1876): “Jacent hic ossa Roberti Cusacke de Athcare in comitatu Dublinensi, Armigere. Obiit 7 Idus Octob. Anno Salutis 1707.”

This Robert is believed to have been the Robert Cusack who was a Lieutenant in the Irish Army of King James II.