Conroy family genealogy

Of Arbourfield, near Reading, Berkshire

The Arms and pedigree of the “Conroy” family are given in pp. 387-388 of Vol. I. of this Edition. Of this family was Sir Edward Conroy, Bart., of Arbourfield, Berkshire, England, who died in 1869, in his 60th year of age. He was the eldest son of Sir John Conroy, who for many years filled a confidential position in the household of the Duchess of Kent. In 1837 Sir Edward Conroy married Lady Alicia Parsons, daughter of Sir Laurence Parsons, Earl of Rosse, and sister of the late Earl, the great Astronomer. Sir Edward left an only son, John (born August, 1845), who succeeded him in his title and estates.

When, in the beginning of the seventeenth century, some of the Irish clans submitted to Queen Elizabeth, it was commanded that they should thenceforth not only hold their estates by English instead of Irish law, but also, with the view to their still further denationalization, that they should abandon the distinctive prefix to their names. From that time forward this family name was spelled Conry or Conroy.

In the time of Cromwell, John O’Mulconry or Conry, having taken an active part in the war against the Roundheads, lost his estates, which were confiscated, and he died abroad. In 1657, his eldest son Charles obtained a re-grant of a portion of the property in Roscommon, but by his adherence to the cause of James II. he was totally ruined, and was killed at the Battle of the Boyne. His grandchildren again settled in the county Roscommon, and appear to have preserved a small portion of the ancient property, which the family still hold. Two daughters contracted alliances with the families of the Longfields, Lords of Longueville, in the co. Cork, and the Hores of Harpurstown, in the co. Wexford. Sir Edward was a Deputy Lieutenant for the counties of Berkshire and Montgomeryshire, and had held different appointments in the Diplomatic Service.