Claiborne (No. 4.) family genealogy

Of Missouri, Mississippi, and Louisiana, U.S.A.

Arms: Same as Claiborne of Romancock, Va.; Motto: Ubi libertas, ibi patria.

Nathaniel Clayborne, of Sweet Hall, who was the second son of Captain Thomas, No. 19 on the “Claiborne” (of Dinwiddie[1] and Windsor) pedigree; and was a younger brother of Leonard, of Dinwiddie, who is No. 20 on the next preceding genealogy, was the ancestor of this branch of that family:

20. Nathaniel: second son of Captain Thomas.

21. William, of Manchester, Va.: his son and heir: mar. Mary, dau. of Ferdinand Leigh, of Va., and had four sons and one daughter:

  1. General Ferdinand Leigh, U.S. Army, of Miss., of whom presently.
  2. Honble. Nathaniel Herbert, of Claybrook, Va., b. 1776; d. 1859), m. Elizabeth Binford, and had, with other children:
    1. Nathaniel Charles, of St. Louis, Mo., who m. Mildred Kyle Morris, and had issue.
  3. Honourable William-Charles-Cole (born 1775; died 23rd Nov., 1817), Governor-General of Louisiana, who was thrice mar.: his first wife was Eliza Lewis, of Nashville, by whom he had a daughter, who d. an infant. His second wife was Clarissa Duralde, by whom he had:
    1. William-Charles-Cole (born 1808; died 1878), who mar. Louisa, dau. of Count de Balathier, and had seven sons and two daughters:
    2. Major William-Charles-Cole, who mar. Jeane Roblot, and has: 1. Wm. Charles Cole, junr., 2. Marie Louise, 3. Walter Herbert.
    3. George W.
    4. Henry B., died unm.
    5. Charles Fernand, a Lawyer.
    6. Arthur.
    7. John Randolph.
    8. Fernand.
    9. Clarisse.
    10. Lucie.

The Governor’s third wife was Suzette Bosque,[2] by whom he had one son and one daughter:

  1. Charles-Cole (b. 1814), who d. unm. in 1879.
  2. Sophronie (born 28th Feb., 1817), who mar. Mandeville de Marigny, of New Orleans, La., and had issue—one son and two daughters: Marie Suzette de Marigny, mar. in 1859 Philip Evan Thomas, and had: 1. Claiborne Thos., 2. Marigny, 3. Philip Evan, 4. Mary Lewin, 5. Marie Suzette, 6. Williamina, 7. Sophronie Thomas.

The Governor’s second daughter was Mary-Leigh, who m. Bathurst Claiborne, and had issue: 1. Mary, 2. William.

  1. Doctor Thomas Augustine, U.S. Navy: fourth son of William, of Manchester, Va.; mar. Mary T. Lewis, of Nashville, and had two sons and two daughters:
    1. Ferdinand.
    2. Lieut. Micajah-Lewis, U.S. Navy.
    3. Mary.

22. General Ferdinand-Leigh (U.S. Army), of Miss.: eldest son of William, of Manchester, Va.; b. 1772, d. 1815; m. Magdalen, dau. of Col. Anthony Hutchins (British Army), and had three sons and one daughter:

  1. Honble. John F. H. Claiborne, of Dunbarton, Natchez, Miss., of whom presently; d. 17th May, 1884.
  2. Ferdinand Leigh, of Natchez, who m. Courteney Terrill, and had issue.
  3. Osmun Claiborne, who mar. Mary Patterson (now Stanford) of Washington, and had a son, Captain Ferdinand O., who died 1863.
  4. Charlotte-Virginia (only dau. of General F. L.), who married Honble. John H. B. Latrobe, of Baltimore, Maryland, and had three sons and two daughters:
    1. Ferdinand-Claiborne. II. Osmun. III. Richard. I. Virginia. II. Lydia.

23. Hon. John F. Claiborne, born 24th April, 1809, died 17th May, 1884, of Dunbarton, Natchez, Miss.: eldest son of General Ferdinand-Leigh; married Martha Dunbar, of Dunbarton, and had a son and two daughters:

  1. Major Willis H. Claiborne, slain in Civil War.
  2. Annie, who m. Clarence Pell, of New York, and had issue: 1. James Kent, died 1886. 2. Herbert Claiborne, mar. Cath. Kernochan. 3. Clara, married Lieut. Townsend, U.S.A. 4. Emily. 5. Charlotte.
  3. Martha, who mar. Henry A. Garrett, of Tensas parish, La.


[1] Dinwiddie: It may be here mentioned that Major John H. Claiborne, second son of Herbert Augustine, who is No. 22, p. 96, had a daughter Delia, who m. Major-General S. B. Buckner. Governor of Kentucky, and has issue Simon Bollivar Buckner.

[2] Bosque: Suzette, the widow of Governor Claiborne, m. John Randolph Grymes, of Louisiana, and had two sons and two daughters. The sons were: 1. Alfred, of New York; 2. John-Edgar, who was b. 1827 and d. 1867: 1. Alfred, of New York, who was born 1831, m. Emma Stebbins (died 1865), and had a son John Randolph; and a daughter Mabel (d. 1883), who m. Doctor Henneberger, U. S. Navy. 2. John-Edgar was b. 1827 and d. 1867. The two daughters of Suzette were: 1. Medora, 2. Athenaese. 1. Medora, who was b. 1825 and d. 1867, m. Sam. Ward, of New York, and had two sons—1. Sam. (d. 1865); and 2. John R. Ward, who d. young. 2. Athenaese (b. 1835), who m. Baron Louis Von Hoffman, of New York, and had two daughters—1. Medora, who m. The Marquis of Morés, son of the Duke de Vallombrosso; 2. Pauline.