Claiborne (No. 3.) family genealogy

Of Halifax County, Virginia, U.S.A.

Arms: Same as Claiborne of Romancock. Motto: Inter eller alt.

From Leonard Claibourne of Dinwiddie, eldest son of Captain Thomas who is No. 19 on the “Claiborne” (of Dinwiddie and Windsor) pedigree, ante, was descended Richard, of Lunenburg, Virginia.

20. Leonard, of Dinwiddie: eldest son of Captain Thomas.

21. Richard, of Lunenburg, Va. (d. 6th Feb., 1776): eldest son of Leonard; was twice mar.: first, to Miss Dudley, of Va., and had:

  1. Leonard, of Natchez, Missouri, who d. unm. in 1811.

Richard’s second wife was Mary Glenn, who had two sons and one daughter:

  1. John, of Lunenburg, Va., who mar. and had a son William-Dandridge; and a dau. who died young.
  2. Richard-Henry, of whom presently.
  3. Mary, who m. William Warrick.

22. Richard-Henry (d. 1821), of Halifax county, Va.: third son of Richard; mar. Mary Cook, and had two sons and two daus.

  1. John-Hampden, who d. 1833.
  2. Leonard, of Danville, of whom presently.
  3. Elizabeth.
  4. Mary.

23. Leonard, of Danville (born 1791; died 1858): son of Richard-Henry; mar. Letitia W. Clark, and had eight sons and four daughters.

  1. William Clark[1] (b. 1819), mar. Martha Jane Hayden.
  2. Richard-Henry (died unm. 1845), a Lawyer.
  3. John-Ferdinand (died 1856), married Jane A. Stone.
  4. James-Leonard (died 1853, unm.), a Lawyer.
  5. Lieut.-Col. Thomas-Doddridge, died 1864.
  6. Livingston, married Lizzie L. Fairston.
  7. Felix-Grundy (d. 1879), m. Ella C. Palmer.
  8. David Augustine, of whom presently, born 1823.

The four daughters of Leonard, of Danville, were:

  1. Mary-Jane (d. 1876), who m. Sterling E. Edmunds.
  2. Letitia-Clark (d. 1879), mar. John R. Smith.
  3. Ellen-Aubrey, who m. John W. Carrington, of Louisville, Kentucky, and had issue: 1. John Barron, 2. Thomas, Claiborne, 3. Mary Claiborne Carrington, d.
  4. Elizabeth Clark (died 1865), mar. Dr. S. D. Drury.

24. David-Augustine (born 16th Jan., 1823), of Wolf Trap, Halifax county, Va.: eighth son of Leonard, of Danville; m. Elvira Cabell Clark, and had two sons and two daus.:

  1. David Augustine, b. 1856, d. 1869.
  2. Leonard, of whom presently.
  3. Elvira-Patrick.
  4. Nannie-Clark.

25. Leonard Claiborne: second son of David-Augustine; living in 1883.


[1] William Clark Claiborne (born 1819), married Martha Jane Hayden, of Goochland, Va., and had: 1. Richard H., 2. Wm. C., 3. John G., 4. Letitia, 5. Ellen W., 6. Mary J.