Claiborne (No. 2.) family genealogy

Of Dinwiddie and Windsor, Virginia, U.S.A.

Arms: Same as those of “Cleborne” (infra). Motto: Hodie mihi; oras tibi.

Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas, of Pamunky Rock, Va., the second son of Secretary William Claiborne, who is No. 17 on the “Claiborne” (of Romancock, Va., U.S.A.) pedigree, supra, was the ancestor of this branch of that family:

18. Lieut-Colonel Thomas Claiborne (born 1647; d. 1683): second son of said William; mar. a Miss Dandridge, and had, with other children:

19. Captain Thomas (b. 1681; d. 1732), who m. Anne Fox (d. 1733), and had seven sons and one dau.:

  1. Leonard, of Dinwiddie, who m. Martha (b. 1701; d. 1720), dau. of Major Francis Burnett, and had:
    1. Richard (d. 1776), who m., first, Gleun; and secondly, Dudley, of Lunenburg, Va., and had: 1. Leonard; 2. Daniel, who married Molly Maury.
  2. Nathanied[l?] (died aged 40), of Sweet Hall, King William County, Va., who mar. Jane Cole, and had:
    1. Thomas.
    2. William, of Manchester, Va., who m. Mary Leigh.
    3. Mary-Cole, who m. Roger Gregory.
    4. And four other daughters.
  3. Bernard, who m. the widow of Major William Poythress.
  4. Thomas, Junr., b. 9th Jan., 1704; d. unm., 1st Dec., 1735.
  5. Colonel Augustine, of Windsor (born 1720; died 1787), of whom presently.
  6. William, who m. and had: 1. Nathaniel, 2. Mary.
  7. Buller.

The dau. mar. General Phillips, and had: 1. Ralph, 2. Charles.

20. Colonel Augustine, of Windsor (born at Sweet Hall, in 1720; died 3rd May, 1787): fifth son of Captain Thomas; mar. Mary, dau. and heiress of Buller Herbert,[1] of Puddlecock, Dinwiddie county, and had nine sons and six daughters:

  1. Herbert (b. 7th April, 1746), of whom presently.
  2. Thomas (b. 1747), who m. a Miss Scott, of New Kent (whose mother was a Miss Cocke, of James’s River), and had:
    1. Doctor Jarratt, b. 1784; d. 1871.
    2. Honble. Thomas.
    3. And two daughters.
    4. This Thomas was a Member of the Virginia Assembly, from Brunswick county, 1775-8.
  3. Augustine (died 1796): the third son of Colonel Augustine; mar. Martha, dau. of Francis Jones, of Dinwiddie, and had; 1. Buller, 2. Francis (or Frederick), 3. John-Grey, 4. Augustine, 5. The Honble. Cadwalader.
  4. And a daughter Martha.
  5. William (b. 2nd Nov., 1753), who m. dau. of Ruffin, of Sweet Hall, and had: 1. William-Priestley, a Doctor in Physic; 2. Mrs. John Goode, mother of the Honble. William O. Goode; 3. Elizabeth, who m. William Burnet Browne, and had two daughters—one of whom mar. a Mr. Lewis, and the other a Mr. Bassett.
  6. Buller: fifth son of Colonel Augustine; b. 27th Oct., 1755; Captain in Colonel Alexander Spotewood’s Regt., etc.; mar. Patsy, dau. of Edmund and Anne Ruffin, of Sussex, and had three sons and a dau.
    1. Sterling, who mar. Jane-Maria, dau. of Charles Rose, of Geddes, and had: I. Doctor William-Sterling, who mar. Cornelia Roane, and had issue. II. Charles-Butler, who m. Sarah A. Coleman, and had issue. III. Martha-Ruffin, who mar. Joseph K. Irving, and had issue.
    2. James, who m. and had a son (died aged 14 years) and two daughters.
    3. Richard, who mar. a Miss Jones. Buller’s daughter was Lucy, who mar. James Wright, of Petersburg, Va., and died s.p.
  7. Richard (born 1757; died 1818), a member of the Virginia Assembly, 1775-8; Major and Commissary during the American Revolution; m. dau. of Philip Jones, of Dinwiddie county, and had: Philip, a Member of the House of Delegates from Brunswick county, 1816, and who m. dau. of Major Philip Claiborne, of Greensville.
  8. John-Herbert (b. 30th May, 1763): seventh son of Colonel Augustine; mar. Mary, dau. of Roger Gregory, of Chesterfield, and had one son and two daughters:
    1. Rev. John-Gregory, of Roslin Castle, Va., who mar. Mary E. Weldon, and had: 1. Ann, who m. Col. Butts; 2. Mary, who m. G. Thomas; 3. Doctor John Herbert, of Petersburg, who was a member of the Virginian Senate, in 1858, and who mar. Sarah Joseph Alston, and had one son and four daughters: I. John-Herbert. I. Maria-Louisa, who married Herbert Page. II. Ann A., who m. Doctor Lightfoot. III. Sarah-Joseph. IV. Betty-Weldon.
    2. The two daughters of John-Herbert were:
    3. Maria, who mar. John D. Wilkins.
    4. Martha-Anne, who married Nicholas Lewis.
  9. Ferdinand, b. 9th March, 1772.
  10. Bathurst (b. 6th April, 1774), who mar., first, dau. of John Batte (or Botts) of Chesterfield; the second wife was Mary-Leigh, daughter of William Claiborne, of Manchester, Va. (a son of Nathaniel, of Sweet Hall, above mentioned, at No. 15), and had a son and two daughters.

The six daughters of Colonel Augustine Claiborne were:

  1. Mary, who in 1763 m. General Charles Harrison,[2] of the Revolutionary Army (who d. in 1796), uncle of William-Henry Harrison, President of the United States.
  2. Anne, who, on the 19th Nov., 1768, mar. Richard Cocke, and had three sons and two daughters:
    1. Richard-Herbert Cocke, of Bacon’s Castle, Va.
    2. Augustine-Claiborne Cocke.
    3. Buller Cocke, who mar. Elizabeth Barron, and had two daughters: I. Elizabeth-Marian, who married Doctor Lewis Trezevant, and had: 1. Edward, 2. Robert, 3. Georgiana; II. Elizabeth Cocke, who married George De Benneville Keim, of Philadelphia, Pa., and had— 1. Julia, 2. Susan.
    4. Anne’s two daughters were: 1. Elizabeth, 2. Lucy.
  3. Susanna: the third dau. of Col. Augustine; b. 29th Nov., 1751; m. Frederick Jones, and had one son and two daughters:
    1. Augustus.
    2. Mary, who m. John Withers.
    3. Another dau. who mar. George Maclin, of Lunenburg, Va.
  4. Lucy-Herbert (b. 22nd Aug., 1760), who m. Col. John Cocke, and had: 1. Robert, 2. Herbert, 3. John-Ruffin. Her second husband was a Mr. Thompson, of South Carolina.
  5. Elizabeth (b. 1761), who m. Thomas Peterson, and had; 1. John-Herbert, 2. Thomas P. Augustine, 3. Anne-Fox.
  6. Sarah (born 1765), who mar. Charles Anderson, and had Claiborne Anderson.

21. Herbert Claiborne: eldest son of Colonel Augustine; b. 7th April, 1746; was twice m.: first, to Mary, dau. of Robert Ruffin, of Sweet Hall, King William county, by whom he had a dau., who mar. a Mr. Thompson. Herbert’s second wife was Mary Burnet, dau. of William Burnet Browne,[3] of Elsing Green (who settled a large estate on his eldest grandson, William Burnet Claiborne, upon condition of his taking the name of “William Burnet Browne”), and by her had three sons and six daughters:

  1. William-Burnet Claiborne (d. 1838), who assumed the name of “Browne,” under the Will of his grandfather, William Burnet Browne, of Elsing Green, as above mentioned. Was twice mar.: his first wife was Betty Claiborne, by whom he had two daughters, one of whom m. a Mr. Lewis; the other daughter mar. a Mr. Bassett. William Burnet Claiborne’s second wife was Louisa Booth, of Gloucester, by whom he had:
    1. William-Burnet.
    2. Jefferson.
    3. Lucien.
    4. Martha, who mar. Catlett.
    5. Junius.
    6. Herbert.
    7. Thomas.
    8. Marcellus.
  2. Herbert-Augustine, of whom presently.
  3. William, whose first wife was Mildred —, by whom he had a daughter, who m. a Mr. Watson; William’s second wife was Helen Guigan, by whom he had a dau. Helen.

Herbert Claiborne’s six daughters were:

  1. Mary-Carter-Bassett, who mar. Colonel Vincent Bramham, of Richmond county.
  2. Judith-Brown, who married William Hill.
  3. Harriet-Herbert, who mar. Robert Hill.
  4. Lavinia-Bathurst.
  5. Betty-Carter-Bassett, who m. John, son of Colonel Burwell Bassett, of Farmington, Hanover county.
  6. Augusta, who m. Col. Philip A. Bramham.

22. Herbert-Augustine Claiborne: second son of Herbert; b. 1784, and died 1841; m. Delia, dau. of James Hayes, Editor and Publisher of Virginia Gazette and American Advertiser, 1876, and had five sons and four daughters:

  1. Herbert-Augustine, who was thrice m., and had issue; and of whom presently.
  2. Major John-Hayes, of Richmond, who married and had issue.
  3. Doctor James-William, of Petersburg, Va., who married Fanny Sturdivant (widow of Mr. Quinlan), and had one son (deceased), and one dau. Mary Burnet Claiborne.
  4. Gilbert-Burnet, President of San Joachim Bank.
  5. Virginius-Howard, who mar. Lucy Perry, of Texas.

Two of the daughters of Herbert-Augustine Claiborne were:

  1. Mary-Burnet (died 1844).
  2. Cornelia-Venenia-Anne, who died in infancy.

23. Herbert-Augustine Claiborne, of Richmond, Va., eldest son of Herbert-Augustine. His first wife was Mary-Anna, dau. of Rev. E. Maguire (and grand-daughter of Betty, only sister of the illustrious George Washington); his second wife was Caroline Hall, of Fredericksburg, Va.; and the third wife was Kate-Hamilton, dau. of Colonel Coulter Cabell, of Richmond Va., who, in 1883, had issue a daughter, Jennie Alston.


[1] Herbert: John and Buller Herbert, of London, England, settled at Puddlecock in Virginia, near Petersburg, where John’s tomb may be seen. It is of slate, about six inches thick, and bears the following arms and inscription:

Arms: Per pale az. and gu. three lions rampant ar. armed and langued or. Crest: A bundle of arrows or. headed and feathered ar. six in saltire, one in pale, girt round the middle, with a belt gu. buckle and point extended, of the first.”

The inscription on the tomb is:

“Here Lyeth Interred the Body of John Herbert, son of John Herbert, Apothecary, and Grandson of Richard Herbert, Citizen and Grocer of London, who departed this life the 17th day of March, 1704, in the 46th year of his age,”—See Slaughter’s History of Bristol Parish.

[2] Harrison: The issue of General Charles Harrison, of Berkeley, Virginia, by his wife, Mary Claiborne, were four sons and four daughters; the sons were:

  1. Captain Charles, who was killed in a duel in 1794, by Lieut. Wilson, of the United States Army.
  2. Augustine, who died in infancy.
  3. Benjamin, (twin of Henry below), b. 30th June, 1775.
  4. Henry.

The daughters were:

  1. Mary-Herbert, who mar. her cousin John Herbert Paterson, of Petersburg, Va.
  2. Anne-Carter, who mar. Matthew Maury Claiborne, and had: 1. Matthew-Maury, 2. Charles-Harrison; and three daughters: 1. Susan-Carter, 2. Martha-Ann, 3. Maria-Randolph.
  3. Elizabeth-Randolph, who m. Gen. Daniel Claiborne Butts, and had: 1. John, 2. Daniel, 3. Augustine, 4. Mary, 5. Martha, 6. Louisa. Of these daughters Mary m. a Mr. Davidson, and left several children.
  4. Susan, who mar. a Mr. Withers, of Dinwiddie.

[3] Browne: William Burnet Browne was son of the Honble. William Browne, of Beverly, Massachusetts, who married Mary, a daughter of William Burnet (son of the famous Bishop Gilbert Burnet), who was Provincial Governor of New York and of Massachusetts: born 1643; died 7th September, 1729. William Burnet Browne was a descendant of Sir Thomas Browne, who was Treasurer of the Household to Henry VI.; whose son, Sir Anthony, was Standard Bearer to Henry VII.; and whose son Sir Anthony was created Viscount Montacute.