Calthorpe family genealogy

Arms: Chequy or and az. a fesse erm.

This family-name was originally Calthrop, and can be traced back to Sir William Calthrop.

1. Sir William Calthrop.

2. Sir Oliver: his son.

3. Sir William: his son.

4. Sir Bartholomew: his son.

5. Sir William: his son; was Sheriff of Norfolk, England, in the first year of the reign of King Henry VI.

6. Sir Francis: his son.

7. Sir Charles Calthrop, or Calthorpe: his son; was Attorney-General for Ireland, and afterwards a Justice of the Common Pleas. Had a brother Justin. This Sir Charles was twice married: first to Winifrid, dan. of Antonio Toto, of Florence, who died s.p., 1st Aug., 1605; secondly, to Dorothy Deane. Sir Charles died 6th January, 1616; aged 92 years.