Brown (No. 1.) family genealogy


Arms: Erm. on a fess embattled counter embattled sa. three escallops ar. Crest: Out of a mural crown gu. a stork’s head and neck erm. beaked az.

Sir David Brown, the first of this family recorded as having settled in Ireland, was contemporary with Rickard de Burgo, the red Earl of Ulster; and died A.D. 1303. This Sir David had a brother who settled in Killpatrick; whence, after a time, a branch of that house settled in Brownstown, near Loughrea, and thence branched to Athenry and, afterwards, to Galway and Mayo.

1. Sir David Browne; died in 1303.

2. Stephen: his son.

3. Henry: his son.

4. Thomas: his son.

5. Robert: his son.

6. John: his son.

7. Stephen (2): his son.

8. William: his son.

9. Dominick: his son.

10. Jeoffrey: his son.

11. Sir Dominick: his son.

12. Jeoffrey (2) Brown: his son.