Bourke (No. 7.) family genealogy

The “Bourke” Family of the County Limerick

Edmund Bourke, son of Richard, son of Ricard Mór de Burc, who is No. 18 on the “Bourke” (No. 1) pedigree, was the ancestor of Bourke, of the county Limerick.—See F. 1. 21, in the MSS, Lib. Trin. Coll. Dub.

1. Uilliam (or William) Bourke of Ballyurry, county Limerick; a quo Mac Uilliam, anglicised Williamson, Wilson, Wilkes, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Wilcocks, Wilcox, and Bilson (corrupted Belson).

2. David; his son.

3. Tybot; his son.

4. Theobald; his son.

5. Ulick; his son.

6. Jeoffrey; his son; first married Joan, dau. of Thadeus Heyn, of Cahirilly, county Limerick; died in 1633, and is buried in Kilnegrof.

7. Richard Bourke: their son; married Any, dau. of Finin MacNamara of Rosrow, county Clare. This Richard had one brother and five sisters—all the issue of his father’s first marriage; the brother was Maclyry, who m. Katherine, dau. of Myles Bourke of Ballyadam, county Limerick. And the daughters were—1. Katherine, who m. Teige O’Mulryan, of Shally, county Tipperary; 2. Mary, married to Richard, son of Walter Bourke of Culeninan, county Limerick; 3. Juan, m. to Ulick, son of Henry Bourke of Ballyvary, co. Limerick; 4. Una, married to John McDaniel Rian of Clyduff, county Limerick.

By his second marriage the said Jeoffrey Bourke (No. 6) had, by his wife Ellen, dau. of Thomas Meagher of Boulybane, county Tipperary, two sons and two daughters; the sons were—1. Jeoffrey, who was m. to Sarah, dau. of John Hirnan; 2. Redmond, married to Una, dau. of Thomas Bourke of Knockananty, county Limerick; and the daughters—1. Ellen, m. to MacNamara of Moghan, county Clare; 2. Julia (or Gyles), m. to Daniel Higgins, M.D., of Erinagh, county Clare.