Bourke (No. 2.) family genealogy

The “Bourke” Family down to King James II.

In Walter de Burgo, an elder brother of William Mór who is No. 19 on the (foregoing) “Bourke” (No. 1) pedigree, this genealogy continues;

19. Walter de Burgo, Earl of Ulster; son of Rickard Mór; died 1271; was Baron of Connaught, and of Trim.

20. Ricard Earla Ruadh (or Ricard the Red Earl of Ulster), Baron of Connaught and of Trim; his son; died 1326. Had a brother Hubert.

21. John Earl of Ulster, and Baron of Connaught, and of Trim; son of Ricard the Red Earl. Had a younger brother Edmond who, according to some genealogists, was the ancestor of Sir Richard de Burgo of Castleconnell and of the Bourkes of the county Limerick.

22. William Earl of Ulster, Baron of Connaught, and of Trim; son of John; murdered by his own followers in 1333.

23. Lady Elizabeth Bourke; his daughter; married Lionel, Duke of Clarence, who was the third son of King Edward III.; and who, in her right, became Earl of Ulster.

24. Lady Philippa: their sole heir; m. Edward Mortimer, Earl of March, who, in her right, became Earl of Ulster.

25. Roger Mortimer, Earl of March and Ulster; their son; killed in battle in 1395.

26. Lady Anne Mortimer: his only heir; m. Earl Plantagenet, who was also Earl of Cambridge and of March, and (in her right) Earl of Ulster.

27. Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York; their son; slain in battle, in 1460.

28. King Edward IV.; his son.

29. Elizabeth of York; his dau.; m. Henry Tudor, who became King Henry VII. This Henry was the only heir male remaining of the House of Lancaster. By his marriage with Elizabeth of York, the White and Red Roses (or the House of Lancaster and the House of York), as they were called, were united; and thus England, after many years’ bloody civil wars, became peaceable and happy.

30. Margaret; their eldest dau.

31. James (Stewart) V., King of Scotland: her son; d. 1542.

32. Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots; his dau.; beheaded, 8th Feb., 1587.

33. James VI., of Scotland, and I., of England; her son; d. 1625.

34. Charles I.; his son; beheaded by the Parliamentarian or Cromwellian Party, 30th January, 1648 (some say 1649).

35. King James the Second: his son.

King James’s issue by his first wife was Mary, who was married to William of Nassau, Prince of Orange. William and Mary, after her father’s abdication, became king and queen of England, up to their death; they both died without issue.

King James’s second wife was Maria D’Este, daughter of Alphonso D’Este, Duke of Modena. This King James of England died in exile in France, A.D. 1701, leaving issue by his second wife.

36. James-Francis-Edward, by some called “King James the Third;” by others, the Pretender, (See No. 127, p. 265, Vol. I. of this Edition.)

[William and Mary having left no issue were succeeded by Queen Anne, who, as the second daughter of King James the Second, ascended the throne, in March, 1702; and reigned for twelve years and a half. Pursuant to the Act of Succession, Queen Anne was, A.D. 1714, succeeded by King George the First, son of the Princess Sophia, who was the daughter of King James the First of England].