Bourchier family genealogy

Baron Bourchier, and Earl[1] of Essex.

Arms: Ar. a cross engr. gu. betw. four water bougets sa. Crest: A man’s head in profile ppr. ducally crowned or, with a pointed cap gu.

We have traced the pedigree of this family back to Robert de Burser or Bouchier, who lived in the 13th century; and down to Joseph Gabbett Bourchier,[2] living in 1887, in Tumbarumba, New South Wales, Australia. Said Robert de Burser married Emma, and had:

  1. John de Burcer, a Justice of the King’s Bench, temp. 15 Edward II. in 1321; died 1328, and was buried at Stansted, Essex, England. This John m. Helen (d. 33. Henry III.), dau. of Walter de Colchester (by Joan, sister of Roger de Manchesne of Stansted Hall), and had:
    1. John.
    2. Robert, of whom presently.
  2. Robert: son of John, summoned to Parliament, 16 Edward III.; Chancellor of England. He fought under the Black Prince at Cressy; died 23 Edward III., in 1349, and was buried at Stansted. He married Margaret, daughter and heir of Sir Thomas Prayers (by Anne, dau. and heir of Hugh de Essex, son of Hy. Baron of Raleigh), and had:
    1. John, Lord Bourchier, K.G., Governor of Gaunt; summoned to Parliament from 5 Richard II. to 1 Henry IV.; d. 1 Henry IV., aged 71; bur. at Stansted. This John m. and had issue.
    2. Sir William Bourchier, who d. 1365, m. Eleanor, dau. and heir of Sir John de Louvain, and had:
      1. William, Earl of Ewe (d. 8 Henry V.), who married and left issue.
    3. Bartholomew.
    4. We here omit much of this elaborate pedigree, from causes over which we had no control; and recommence with the three brothers:
    5. James Bourchier, of Calais, of whom presently.
    6. Humphrey. III. George.
  3. James Bourchier of Calais, m. Mary, daughter of Sir Humphrey Bannesler of Calais, and had, besides some daughters:
    1. Sir Ralph, of whom presently.
    2. Arthur, who m. daughter of William Jones, Esq.
    3. A son, who m. Christina, dau. of Rowland Shackerly, and d.s.p.
  4. Sir Ralph Bourchier (living in 1584), who built Bevenboro’ Hall, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Francis Hall, Esq., and had two sons and four daughters; the daughters were: 1. Ursula; 2. Bridget; 3. Lucy; 4. Catherine. The sons were:
    1. Sir John Bourchier.
    2. William (died 1584), of whom presently.
  5. William Bourchier: son of Sir Ralph; d. 1584, aged 25. He m. Catherine, dau. of Sir Thomas Barrington, of Hatfields, Broadoaks, Essex, and had:
    1. Thomas, who m. Elizabeth, dau. of Mark Pickering, Esq., and had: Abigail, who m. Andrew Taylor, of York, merchant, and had: Abigail, who m. Robert Spenser, Esq.
    2. Sir John Bourchier, of whom presently.
    3. Robert.
    4. Elizabeth, m. Lester, of York, M.D.
    5. Elizabeth (2), mar. William Scudamore, of Overton, Esq.
    6. Anna Maria, married John Scudamore.
  6. Sir John Bourchier (d. 1660): second son of William; mar. Anne dau. of Wm. Rolfe, Esq., and had:
    1. Barrington Bourchier, of whom presently.
    2. William.
    3. John.
    4. Bridget, m. William Bethell, M.D.
  7. Barrington Bourchier: son of Sir John; d. 1665, aged 38. He married Frances, dau. of Sir William Strickland, and had:
  8. Sir Barrington Bourchier (died 1665), who was thrice married: first, to Judith, daughter of Mark Millbank, Esq., by whom he had:
    1. Mark, who died s.p.
    2. Sir Barrington, who left no surviving children, but a son Wm., who died young.
    3. By his second marriage to Margaret, he had:
    4. John, of whom presently.
    5. Ralph.
    6. By his third marriage to Ursula, dau. of Sir William Dutton, Sir Barrington Bourchier had:
    7. William.
  9. John Bourchier (living in 1712): third son of Sir Barrington, mar. Mary, dau. of — Belwood, Esq., and had:
    1. John, of whom presently.
    2. Mary.
  10. John (born 1664), of Baggotstown and Kilcullane, co. Limerick; and Maiden Hall, co. Cork: son of John; divided his estates between his two sons; m. Faith, dau. of the O’Grady, of Kilballyowen, and had, besides two daughters:
    1. James.
    2. John, of Kilcullane.
  11. John, of Kilcullane (d. 1744): son of John; mar. and had:
  12. James Bourchier, of Kilcullane, who married Mary Bevan, of Camas, and had:
  13. James Bourchier, who m. dau. of William Gabbett, Esq., of Caherline, co. Limerick, and had:
  14. Joseph Bourchier, of Kilcullane, who m. a dau. of John Gabbett, Esq., and had:
  15. Joseph Gabbett Bourchier, a Captain in the Army, who was twice m.: first, to Margaret, daughter of Thomas Franks, Esq., and had a daughter Kate, who married Joseph Bevan, Esq., of Glen Bevan. He m., secondly, Maria, dau. of Captain John Gabbett, and had:
  16. Rev. Joseph Gabbett Bourchier, born 1822; Chaplain to the Forces in Queenstown; mar. Jane, dau. of Daniel Sullivan, Esq. (died 1886), Barrister-at-Law, Fermoy House, and had with a daughter Mary Louisa, a son:
  17. Joseph Gabbett Bourchier, (b. 1854), M.D., J.P., and living in Tumbarumba, New South Wales, Australia, in 1887.


[1] Earl: This Earldom became extinct in 1539; the Barony is in abeyance since 1646.

[2] Bourchier: The Arms of this branch of the family are same as at the head of this pedigree quartered with the Plantagenet Arms; Crest: A flying griffin on cap of maintenance; Motto: Vincere vel mori; Liveries: silver and scarlet.