Book of Kells

The Book of Kells, considered to have been written by St. Columbkille, the apostle of the Scots and Picts, in the sixth century, was preserved for many ages at the Columbian Monastery of Kells, in Meath; and is now in the library of Trinity College, Dublin. It contains a manuscript copy of the four gospels, and is illuminated with decorations of surpassing beauty; and, together with the Book of Durrow, belonged to St. Columbkille.

St. Columbkille, Abbot of Iona, in the Hebrides, and apostle of the Scots and Picts, in the latter end of the sixth century; and SS. Adamnan and Cummian, abbots of Iona in the latter end of the seventh century, all natives of Tir-Connell (or Donegal), and of the race of Hy-Niall, were amongst the most eminent and learned ecclesiastics in Europe, in those ages. Accounts of their works are given by Lanigan and O’Reilly.