The "Bolling" family genealogy

Of Petersburg, Virginia

The family of Boling or Bollings was located at Bolling Hill, near Bradford, in Yorkshire, England, temp. Edw. IV.

John and Mary Bolling, of All Hallows, London, had:

  1. Colonel Robert, who was twice m.; settled in Virginia in 1660. His first wife was Jane (d. 1676), dau. of Thomas Rolfe (and grand-daughter of Pocahontas),[1] by whom he had:
    1. John Bolling, of Cobbs, Va., b. 27th Jan., 1676, d. 1729; mar., Mary Kennon, and had Eliza, who married Doctor William Gay.
    2. His second wife was Anne Stith (died 17th July, 1709), by whom he had seven children:
    3. Robert, of Kippax, of whom presently.
    4. Stith.
    5. Edward, b. 1687.
    6. Anne, b. 1690.
    7. Drury.
    8. Thomas, b. 1697.
    9. Agnes, b. 1700.
  2. Robert: son of Robert; born 1682, d. 1706; m. Anne (or Mary) Cocke, and had nine children:
    1. Mary, who m. William Starke.
    2. Eliza.
    3. Anne.
    4. Lucy.
    5. Jane.
    6. Martha.
    7. Susan.
    8. Robert, of whom presently.
    9. Anne.
  3. Robert, of Bollingbroke: son of Robert; m. Mary Tabb, and had five children:
    1. Robert, of whom presently.
    2. Thomas.
    3. Anne, who m. John Shore, M.D.
    4. Frances.
    5. Marian.
  4. Robert, of Centre Hall: son of Robert; was twice m. His first wife was Mary B. Bolling, of Chellowe, by whom he had a daughter:
    1. Mary Burton Bolling, who was m. to John Blair.
    2. His second wife was Anne Stith, by whom he had five children:
    3. Anne, who m. John Campbell, of Philadelphia.
    4. Martha.
    5. Robert, of whom presently.
    6. George, who married Martha Nicholls.
    7. Mary.
  5. Robert Buckner Bolling: son of Robert; m. Sarah Minge, and had nine children:
    1. Doctor Robert, of whom presently.
    2. John M., married Margaret Walker.
    3. Townsend.
    4. Doctor Wm. H. Bolling, who m. Ida Foree, of Louisville, Ky.
    5. Stuart, m. Lucy Henderson.
    6. Bartlett, m. Meta Stuart.
    7. Samuel M., married Lizzie Holcombe.
    8. Anna, d.
    9. Monro B.
  6. Doctor Robert Bolling, of Philadelphia: son of Robert Buckner; m. Leontine Hagerdon.


[1] Pocahontas: John Rolfe mar. Pochhontas (or Matoa), on 1st April, 1613, and had John Rolfe, who mar. Jane Poythnes of England, and had Jane Rolfe, who in 1675 mar. Col. Robert Bolling. who is No. 2 on this pedigree.