Bland family genealogy

Of Virginia, United States, America

Arms: Ar. on a bend sa., three pheons of the field. Crest: Out of a ducal coronet or. a lion’s head ppr. Motto: Sperate et virite fortes.

According to Nicholson’s History of Westmoreland (Vol. I., p. 253), this sirname is derived from Bland or Bland’s Gill, in the chapel of How Gill and parish of Sedburg, in Yorkshire, England. Thoresby says (see Ducatus Leodensis, Vol. I. p. 126), that the family took its name from the Hamlet of Blond. The earliest mention, however, that we find of the name is in the year 1132; in connection with the Abbey of Fountains, of which Richard, son of Hugh Bland, of Disford, was a benefactor. The name “Bland” was then sometimes written Blund, which has been modernized Blunt and Blount.

One branch of this family has resided at Orton, in Westmoreland, since 1377; and another settled in Ireland. The Rev. James Bland, in 1692, was Vicar of Killarney; and Dean of Ardfert in 1721. He m. Lucy, daughter of Sir Francis Brereton, of Dublin; and his son Francis, grandson James, and great-grandson Francis succeeded him as Vicars of Killarney.

Roger Bland, of Orton, husbandman, m. and had:

  1. Adam, of London, living in 1653, who m. Joan Atkins, and had five children: 1. William, who m. Judith Woodery; 2. Peter; 3. Thomas; 4. Gregory; 5. John, of London.
  2. John, of London (born 1573): fifth son of Adam; married Susan Duclere (died 1664), and had: 1. Mary, who m. Proby; 2. Susan; 3. Thomas, who married Elizabeth; 4. John; 5. Edward; 6. Anne; 7. John, of whom presently; 8. Robert; 9. William; 10. Arnold; and others.
  3. John:[1] seventh son of John, of London; m. Sarah Green, and had: 1. John, who died an infant; 2. Thomas, d. an infant; 3. Giles, “The Rebel.”
  4. Giles, “The Rebel:” son of John; m. Frances Porby, and had:
  5. Giles Bland, who m. Mary Brown, and had:
  6. Giles, born 1703, and died 1756, s.p.


[1] John: In Pepys’ Diary for 1680, under date the 12th of June, occurs the following entry in reference to this John: “Mr. John Bland, Merchant (of Virginia, U.S.A) was buried in ye chancel in St. Clave’s Church, Hart-street, London.”