Blake family genealogy

Arms: Ar. a fret gu. Crest: A leopard pass. ppr.

According to Hardiman, Richard Caddle, dictus “Niger,” or the Black, modernized Blake,[1][2] was the “common ancestor” of all the present families of this name in the west of Ireland. This Richard Caddle was sheriff of Connaught in A.D. 1306; and was “bailiffe of Galway under Richard de Burgo, the Red Earl of Ulster,” in A.D. 1312.

1. Richard Caddle, alias Black, alias Blake; living temp. King Edward II.

2. Walter: his son.

3. John: his son.

4. Henry: his son.

5. John: his son.

6. Valentyne: his son.

7. John: his son.

8. Nicholas: his son.

9. John: his son.

10. Nicholas: his son.

11. John Blake: his son; living in 1640.

For further information in relation to this family, see p. 213 of O’Flaherty’s “West Connaught,” by Hardiman; in the Library of Trinity College, or the Library of the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin.


[1] Blake: Others derive Black and Blake from Blathmac, a younger brother of Niall Caille, the 166th Monarch of Ireland who is No. 98 on the (No. 2) “O’Neill” (Princes of Tyrone) pedigree.—See Vol I.

[2] Blake: According to Burke, the “Blake” family was founded by Richard Blake, who, in 1185, came to Ireland with Prince John, afterwards King John; and got grants of land in Galway and Mayo.