Bermingham (No. 1.) family genealogy

Lord Baron of Athenry

Arms: Per pale indented or and gu. Crest: An heraldic antelope’s head erased ar. maned and attired or. Supporters: Two heraldic antelopes ar. attired, maned, tufted, unguled, collared, and chained or.

William, of Birmingham, in Warwickshire, in England (and who was therefore called “William de Bermingham”), held from Gervas de Paganell (a quo Bagenall and Bagnall), baron of Dudley, nine knights’ fees de veteri feoffamento; and had two sons—1. Peter, who stayed in England; and 2. Meyler, who was the first of the family that, in 1170, came with Richard Strongbow into Ireland, and was the third in command of that expedition.

2. Meyler De Bermingham: son of William; was the ancestor of all those of that siraame in Ireland. He had three sons—1. Gilbert, of Moigh; 2. Piers; 3. John, who was lord justice of Ireland. From the first and third sons we find no issue; but the second left issue—

3. Piers: second son of Meyler.

4. Rickard: his son; who was called Risdeard na-gCath (meaning “Richard of the Battles”), from the many battles by him fought and won; amongst which were the battle of Togher, the battle of Finlo, and the battle of Atha-na-Riogh (literally the “Ford of the Kings”), now called Athenry: from the Kings there slain, viz.:—the king of Connaught; O’Kelly, king of Hy-Maine; together with most of the nobility of Connaught and Munster, who in those days were called petty Kings of the territories they possessed. According to some annalists this Rickard na-gCath left three sons—1. Thomas, who on the winning of that battle, was created “baron of Athenry;” 2. William, who was archbishop of Tuam; 3. Richard Ruadh, who was ancestor of the Berminghams of Leinster, and whose son, Sir John De Bermingham was created “earl of Louth,” by King Edward the Second, A.D. 1319, for the service performed by him and Sir Richard Le Tuite in a great battle by them fought against Edward Le Bruice (or Edward Bruce), brother of Robert Bruce, King of Scotland, at Faughart, near Dundalk, in which battle the said Edward Bruce was slain (some say by the hands of Sir Richard Le Tuite), and his army routed and most of them slain.

In other copies (of the “Genealogies”) I find the said Risdeard na-gCath to have another son named Piers, from whom the lords barons of Athenry were descended, as follows:

5. Piers: son of Richard na gCath.

6. Walter: his son.

7. Thomas: his son.

8. Richard: his son.

9. John: his son.

10. Edmond: his son.

11. Richard (2): his son.

12. Edmond (2): his son.

13. Richard (3): his son.

14. Edmond (3): his son.

15. Richard (4): his son.

16. Edward: his son.

17. Francis: his son.

18. Edward, lord baron of Athenry: his son.

19. Francis Bermingham, lord baron of Athenry: his son; living in 1657.