Bennett family genealogy

Of Banffshire, Scotland[1]

Arms: Gu. a cross pattée or, betw. three mallets ar.

The New York branch of this family is descended on the female side through Henrietta-Agnes Crean (who married James Gordon Bennett of New York, on the 6th of June, 1840), from Awly O’Farrell, King of Conmacne, who (see p. 339, Vol. I.) is No. 112 on the “O’Farrell” (Princes of Annaly) pedigree.

Said Awly O’Farrell (living in 1268) had a daughter:

113. Ranalt, who married Hugh O’Connor, the last King of Connaught, who is No. 113 on the “O’Connor” (Kings of Connaught) pedigree, and had:

114. Una (or Agnes) O’Connor, who m. first Robert de Gernon, and had:

115. Hodierna de Gernon who m. Ricard Mór de Burc, No. 18 on the Bourke[2] pedigree, and had:

116. Walter de Burc (see No. 19 on the “Bourke” pedigree), created Earl of Ulster, who m. Maud, the dau. of Hugh de Lacy, and had:

117. Richard de Burc, the Red (d. 1326), second Earl of Ulster, who, by Margaret, dau. of John de Burg, Baron of Lanville, had:

118. Lady Joan de Bourke, who m. secondly, in 1329, Sir John d’Arce, Knt., of Platten, county Meath, first Baron d’Arce, Lord Justice and Governor of Ireland. He was son of Norman 7th Baron d’Arce of Nocton (who d. 1296), and d. 1347, leaving issue:

119. Lady Elizabeth d’Arce, who m. James Balbh (or stammering James) Butler, Lord Justice of Ireland, second Earl of Ormond, who died 1382. He was son of James[3] (who was created first “Earl of Ormonde,” in 1328, and succeeded his father Edmund, of Roscrea, as second Earl of Carrick), by Eleanor de Bohun, daughter of Humphrey, fourth Earl of Hereford and Essex, and Elizabeth Plantagenet, his wife, dau. of Edward I., King of England. Their issue was:

120. Hon. Thomas Butler, who had:

121. Lady Eleanor Butler, who m. Robert de la Field, of Aylesbury, Bucks, England, and had:

122. Robert de la Field, of Aylesbury, who had:

123. Sir Thomas de la Field, of Fieldstown, co. Meath, who had:

124. Sir John de la Field, of Culduffe, co. Kildare, who had:

125. Sir Thomas de la Field, of Fieldtown, co. Meath, who had:

126. Lady Isabel de la Field, who married Gerald Fitzgerald, of Aloone, and had:

127. Lady Alison Fitzgerald, who m. Sir Gerald Aylmer (d. 1560) of Dollardstown, co. Meath, and had:

128. Bartholomew Aylmer (d.v.p.), of Dollardstown; who had:

129. Christopher Aylmer, of Balrath, co, Meath (d. 1662), who had:

130. Sir Christopher Aylmer, of Balrath, Bart., who (in 1639) m. Lady Margaret Plunkett, dau. of Matthew,[4] fifth Lord Louth. Died in 1671, leaving issue:

131. Lady Catherine Aylmer, (d. 1726), widow of Sir Nicholas Plunkett, of Dublin, m., secondly, Captain Michael Warren[5] (d. 1712), of Warrenstown, co. Meath, and had:

132. Oliver Warren, of Warrenstown, co. Meath, a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy; also Admiral Sir Peter Warren; and Anne, who m. Christopher Johnson, of Smithstown, co. Meath, and had General Sir William Johnson, Bart., of New York. [See Bennett corrigenda]

133. Right Honourable Nathaniel Warren, of Dublin: son of Oliver. Was Alderman and Sheriff of Dublin; Lord Mayor of Dublin in 1782-83; Commissioner of Police of Dublin, 1786; High Sheriff for co. Dublin in 1786; and Member of Parliament for City of Dublin, from 1784 to 1790, when he was succeeded by the immortal Henry Grattan (whose statue is now in College Green, Dublin). Mr. Warren was then returned to Parliament from Callan, in 1790, and so served until his death 29th Jan., 1796.— See Obituary Gentleman’s Magazine; and see account of the “Warren” family in the Warren pedigree, infra.

134. Eleanor: dau. of Nathaniel Warren; m. Robert Crean of Dublin (of the Crean-Lynch family). Had two brothers and three sisters: the brothers were—1. Nathaniel[6] Warren, Lieut.-Colonel 47th Foot, who d.s.p. 1824; 2. Samuel-Robinson Warren, Lieut.-Colonel, 65th Foot, born 1785, d. 1857, and left issue. The sisters were—1. Eliza Warren (b. 1787, and d. in Philadelphia in 1856), who in 1803, in Dublin, m. Cain Henlon[7] of Dublin, by whom she had issue, now (1882) residing in the United States, America; 2. Catherine Warren, m. — Ogilby of London, and d.s.p.; 3. Jane Warren, who m., first, Sidney Smith of Dublin, by whom she had issue, and, secondly, A. White, Armagh, by whom also she had issue. This Eleanor in 1838 removed to the City of New York, with her children.

135. Henrietta[8]-Agnes Crean (d. in Saxony, 31st Mar., 1873): dau. of Eleanor. Married in New York City, 6th June, 1840, James Gordon Bennett,[9] who was b. at New Mill, Keith, Banffshire, Scotland; was the founder of the “New York Herald” Newspaper; and died in 1872, leaving issue one son and one daughter:

136. James Gordon Bennett (born 1842), proprietor of the New York Herald; living in 1887. The dau. Jeanette Bennett, m. in 1878, Isaac Bell, junior, of New York City, United States’ Minister to Holland, by whom she had issue.

See also Bennett addenda.


[1] Bennett: On p. 11 of the MS. Vol. F. 3. 27, Trin. Coll. Dublin, is the following entry:—“Maud, f. Jac. Dun of Dub. Merct.: ob. 22 Mar. 1625—Rob. Bennet, Ld. Mayor Dub.” Or, Maud (who died 22 March, 1625), dau. of James Dunne, of Dublin, Merchant, married Robert Bennett, Lord Mayor of Dublin.

[2] Bourke: For information respecting this Rickard de Burgo, see “Ricard Mór,” under the “Bourke” (No. 1) pedigree ante.

[3] James: This James Butler, first Earl of Ormond’s descent, is here traced down from Dermod MacMurrough, the last King of Leinster: Dermod had Eva, who m. Richard the Strongbow, Earl of Pembroke, Lord Justice of Ireland, and had: Lady Isabel de Clare (d. 1220), who m. William le Marechal (Marshall or Marachael), third Earl of Pembroke, and had: Lady Isabel Marshall, who m. Gilbert, fifth Earl of Hereford and Gloucester, and had: Richard, Earl of Hertford and Gloucester, who had: Gilbert, Earl of Hertford and Gloucester (died 1295), who m. Princess Joan d’Arce, dau. of King Edward I. of England, and had: Lady Elizabeth de Clare, who m., thirdly, Ralph de la Roche, and had: David, who had: John Lord Fermoy, of county Cork, who had: Lady Blanche de la Roche, who m. John, first Earl of Kildare, and had: Lady Joan Fitzgerald who, in 1302, m. Sir Edmund le Bottiler (or Butler), Knt., M.P., Earl of Carrick-mac-Griffin, co. Tipperary, and had: James Butler, second Earl of Carrick, and first Earl of Ormond, as above mentioned.

[4] Matthew: This Matthew Plunkett (d. 1629), fifth Lord Louth’s descent, can be traced from William the Conqueror, as follows: William the Conqueror had Gundred, who m. William, Earl of Warren and Surrey, and had: William, second Earl of Warren and Surrey, who m. Isabel, daughter of Herbert, fourth Count de Vermandois (by Alice, his wife, dau. of Hugh Magnus, Count de Vermandois, who was the son of Henry I., King of France, by Anne, his wife, dau. of Jaros-Aus., Grand Duke of Russia, A.D. 1015), and had: the Lady Ada de Warren, who m. Prince Henry, Earl of Northumberland (son of David I., King of Scotland), and had Lady Margaret (sister of William the Lion, King of Scotland), who m. Humphrey, fourth Baron de Bohun, and had: Henry, Earl of Hertford, who had: Humphrey, Earl of Hertford and Essex, who had: Humphrey de Bohun (ob. v.p.), who had: Humphrey, Earl of Hertford and Essex, who had: Humphrey, fourth Earl of Hertford and Essex, who m. Elizabeth Plantagenet, dau. of Edward I., King of England, and had: Lady Margaret de Bohun (see No. 119 above), who in 1325 m. Hugh, second Earl of Devon, and had: Lady Elizabeth de Courtenay, who m., secondly, Sir Andrew Luttrell, Knt., of Chilton and of Luttrellstown, county Dublin, and had: Sir Hugh Luttrell, of Dunster Castle, county Somerset, Knt., who had: Robert Luttrell, of Luttrellstown, who had: Christopher Luttrell, of Luttrellstown, who had: Thomas Luttrell, of Luttrellstown; who had: Richard Luttrell, of Luttrellstown, who had: Catherine Luttrell, who m., first, Sir Nicholas Barnewell of Drumagh, and had: Lady Margaret Barnewell, who m. Thomas, second Lord Louth (d. 1571), and had: Oliver, fourth Lord Louth (d. 1607), who had: Matthew Plunkett, fifth Lord Louth, as above mentioned.

[5] Warren: In page 189 of the MS. Vol. F. 3. 23, in Trin. Coll. Dub., it is stated that John Warren, of Carlow, county Carlow, m. Kathleen, dau. of Thomas Walsh, of Pilton (Piltown), co. Wexford (by his wife Ellen, who was daughter of Lord Power), who (the said Thomas) was son of Nicholas Walsh of Ballycarrickmore, co. Waterford, Milés. The children of that marriage were—1. Eleanora, 2. Katharina, 3. Arabella, 4. Henry Warren, 5. Thomas Warren.

[6] Nathaniel: Nathaniel Warren, Lieutenant-Colonel, 47th Foot, d.s.p. 17th Dec., 1824. He was Major of the 65th Foot, in 1818; and was on 2nd March, 1821, reported in the Home Despatches, as follows:—“An expedition under General Sir Lionel Smith, sent against the pirates in the Persian Gulf, in an advance upon the tribe of Beni Boo Ali, captured the whole of the fortified positions. The brunt of the action fell upon the brigade under Major Nathaniel Warren.” 2. Samuel Robinson Warren (b. 1785), d. 8th September, 1858, at Upton Park, Slough, England. He entered the British Army in 1808, as Lieutenant in H.M. 65th Foot; was made Captain, in 1823; Major, in 1838; and Lieutenant-Colonel, of 65th Foot, in 1839. Colonel Warren retired on half-pay in 1841, and the following year was appointed Dept. Quart. Mas. General of Jamaica, under the Governor, General Sir Lionel Smith; and was also Military Secretary to the Governor. Colonel Warren m. Miss Emily Elgee, of a wealthy and prominent English family, and had issue, as follows:

  1. Charles Warren, Major 27th Foot. He was senior officer of the troops on board the Charlotte, when she went to pieces during a gale in Algra Bay, in September, 1854.
  2. Emily Warren, of Upton Park.
  3. William Andros Warren, Captain in Royal Artillery, in 1870; Adjutant of first Administration Brigade, Cheshire Artillery Volunteers. He served with distinction in China, in 1860.
  4. Lionel Smith Warren, Lieutenant-Colonel 65th Foot. In 1861 he was engaged in the operations at Taranaki, and received a medal.

[7] Cain Henlon: Three children of that marriage were—1. Lewright Eleanor Agnes Henlon (b. 1809, d. 1856), who in 1829 married in New York City, Robert Lewright-Browning, of Cincinnatti, State of Ohio (who was drowned in Trinidad Bay, California, on the 27th March, 1850), Lieutenant United States Navy, and had:

  1. Robert Lewright Browning, Lieut. U.S. Marine Corps, unm.; lost with U.S. Ship Levant, in 1860.
  2. Charles Henry Browning of Philadelphia, Penn., Author of Americans of Royal Descent, who on 1st January, 1884, married Miss Katrina Aloyious Campbell, dau. of James Joseph Campbell, U.S.N., of Philadelphia, son of Bartholomew Campbell, of Fintona, county Tyrone, Ireland.
  3. Eliza Sidney Henlon, who in 1845 in New York City m. John Keasby Walker, of Philadelphia, and had an only child—John Smith Walker, M.D. of Philadelphia, who had two sons and a daughter, namely—1. John Keasby Walker, 2. Henry Esmond Walker, 3. Eliza Walker.

[8] Henrietta: This Henrietta-Agnes Crean had a brother, Robert Crean of New York City, who d.s.p.; and two sisters—1. Helena-Margarette Crean, 2. Georgina Crean. This Helena Margarette Crean m., first, Lindsay Downes Richardson of Dublin (son of Marmaduke Jenni Richardson of Armagh) and had:—1. Lindsay Robert Richardson of New York City, Capt. 7th New York N.G. (d.s.p. 1873); and Helena-Margarette Crean, m., secondly, Victor Bishop of New York City, and had two children—Victor, and Paul, who both died young. Mrs. Bishop d. 3rd March, 1887. 2. Marmaduke Jenni Schomberg Richardson, New York City, living in 1881. 3. Eleanor Richardson-Bishop, d.s.p. in 1880—all three born in Dublin. And Georgina Crean, above mentioned, m. Vichenburg of New York, living in Holland in 1881.

[9] Bennett: That James Gordon Bennett had two sisters—1. Margaret, 2. Annie; and a brother Cosmo—the three of whom died without issue.