Bayly (No. 1.) family genealogy

Arms: Az. nine estoiles ar. three, three, and three. Crest: A boar’s head erased ppr.

Felix Coghlan married and had a son; and a daughter who married a Mr. Butler, son of the Hon. — Butler, who was a near relative of Ormond.

  1. Cowley Coghlan: son of Felix; mar. F. French, who survived her husband, and left property to her niece Margaret Butler, who, in 1755, mar. John Morton, of Rehoboth, South Circular-road, Dublin. This Margaret Butler had a sister, Miss Butler (b. 1730, d. 1794), who m. — Parker, a landowner, and had:
  2. Rose Parker (d. 1825, at 27 Blessington-street, Dublin, aged 70 years), who m. Michael Cowell, and had:
  3. Harriet Cowell (b. 1783, died 1853), who m. Peter Bayly (died 1819), solicitor, and had:
  4. Henry Bayly (born 1811, died 1861), who m. and had:
  5. William J. Bayly (living in 1883), of the General Regr. Office, Dublin, who m. and had:
  6. Two daughters.