Barrett family genealogy


Arms: Per pale ar. and gu. twelve barrulets counterchanged. Another: Ar. two pallets gu. Another: Az. a fesse nebulée and in chief three mullets ar.

The ancestor of Barrett was Sir David, who was son of a (nameless) king of Britain.

  1. Sir David.
  2. William of Kilcoman: his son.
  3. William of Mayne: his son.
  4. William, the younger: his son; was called “Baret;”[1] a quo Barrett. This William had three sons—1. Thomas; 2, Walter; 3. Uadhan (“uadhafan;” Irish, from him), a quo Mac Uadhain, anglicised MacWadden, and Caden.
  5. Thomas: son of said William.
  6. Magiun: his son.
  7. William Dubh: his son.
  8. Richard: his son.
  9. Edmond: his son.
  10. William Dubh (2): his son.
  11. Richard (2): his son.
  12. Edmond (2): his son.
  13. Edmond (3): his son.
  14. Richard (3) Barrett: his son.


[1] Baret: Some are of opinion that this epithet was equivalent to our present English word barrat-or.