Balbirnie family genealogy

Of Dairsie Mill, Fifeshire; and of Inveryghty, County of Forfar

(Compiled by William J. Simpson, Donegall Street, Belfast.)

Arms: Or a fesse checkie azure and argent, between three bodys and thighs of armour argent on a chief of the last three buckles of the second for Balbirnie of that ilk.

Arms: Vert a fesse checkie argent and azure between three cuirasses or hybergeons of the second and in a chief of the same, three buckles of the third for Balbirnie of Inveryghty. There is no crest for the name Balbirnie. I have made inquiries from an authority in connection with the Lyon Office, and find that the arms of Balbirnie, of that ilk. are recorded there, but there is no authority for the arms of Balbirnie of Inveryghty.—W.J.S.

Compiled from “An Historical Account of the Family of Balbirnie,” by the late William Balbirnie of Cork:

  1. Patrick Balbirnie of Dairsie Mill, Fifeshire, son of Balbirnie of Inveryghty; had issue:
  2. John Balbirnie born at Dairsie, county of Fife, and baptized there 26th November, 1699.
  3. William Balbirnie b. at Dairsie, and baptized there November 8th, 1707.
  4. Patrick Balbirnie, b. at Dairsie and baptized there. He died Nov. 30th, 1737.
  1. John Balbirnie (No. 2) married and left issue:
  1. Charles Balbirnie born 1744.
  2. Allison Balbirnie.
  3. Patrick Balbirnie.
  4. Arthur Balbirnie, died leaving no issue.
  1. Charles Balbirnie (No. 5) married Catherine Manning, and had issue:
  1. George Balbirnie who married (1797) Margaret Vance of Clough, co. Tyrone (see “Vance” Pedigree), and had issue.
  2. Robert Anstruther Balbirnie born at same, 1798.
  3. A daughter b. at Ballymena, 1800.
  4. John Balbirnie (afterwards Doctor of Medicine) born in Glasgow.
  5. William Balbirnie (author of “The Historical Account,” from which this pedigree is compiled).
  1. Robert Anstruther Balbirnie (No. 10) married, a.d. 1823, Agnes Hill of Largs, Ayrshire, and had issue. He died 1855, was J.P. for City of Melbourne:
  1. Robert Charles Balbirnie born 1824.
  2. Margaret Vance Balbirnie.
  3. Matilda Balbirnie.
  4. Jessie Balbirnie.
  5. John Balbirnie.
  1. And two other daughters. The entire family settled in the Colony of Victoria, Australia, a.d. 1839. Robert Anstruther Balbirnie assumed the name of Balbirnie Vans, by the Queen’s Sign Manual.
  2. Allison Balbirnie (No. 6) married a Mr. Loudon.
  3. Descendants still reside at Dairsie and in vicinity (a.d. 1854).
  4. Patrick Balbirnie (No. 7) married Miss Marjoribanks, and had issue:
  1. John Balbirnie of Kingsland, London, born 1776, was married twice; to his second wife Elizabeth Selkirk of Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, 10th Feb., 1819, by whom he had issue:
  2. John Balbirnie.
  3. Sarah Balbirnie.
  4. Patrick Balbirnie, died 1854.
  5. George Balbirnie, died 1846. (twin of above)
  6. Elizabeth Balbirnie.
  7. Rachel died 1854.
  8. Samuel Balbirnie.
  9. Joseph Balbirnie.
  1. Joseph Balbirnie (27) married Maria Stubbs, of Kingsland, London, and left issue.
  2. Patrick Balbirnie (No. 4) married Beatrix Balfour, by whom he had issue:
  1. Patrick Balbirnie born 1722, died 1786.
  1. Patrick Balbirnie (No. 28) mar. first Margaret Gib by whom he had issue:
  1. Helen Balbirnie, who married Mr. Hoy; he was bom 1765, and was living a.d. 1854, aged 89.
  1. Patrick Balbirnie (No. 28) mar., secondly, Agnes Balbirnie, by whom he had issue:
  1. Eldest son by second marriage, died aet. 14.
  2. Peter Balbirnie born 1771, living a.d. 1854, married, but left no issue.
  3. George Balbirnie born 1778, living 1854.
  1. William Balbirnie (No. 13) mar. leaving issue, one daughter:
  1. Margaret Vance Balbirnie.

This pedigree was completed by Mr. Balbirnie, a.d. 1854. Correspondence is invited from descendants and connections of any of the individuals mentioned therein.

W. J. Simpson.