Armstrong family genealogy

Arms: Ar. issuing from the sinister side a dexter arm habited gu. the hand grasping the trunk of an oak tree eradicated and broken at the top ppr. Crest: An armed arm embowed, the hand grasping the broken trunk of an oak tree eradicated all ppr. Motto: Invictus maneo.

The family of “Armstrong” here recorded, which was a branch of the Armstrongs of Gallen Priory, King’s County, settled in Sligo. Some of them afterwards settled in the county Leitrim; and after the death of Robert Armstrong, his family removed thence to Newtown Gore in the county Cavan, where his son:

  1. John Armstrong married a daughter of William Irwin (whose son m. Miss Haughton,[1] who had three brothers—1. George, 2. William, 3. John), and had two sons:
    1. John.
    2. Launcelot, of whom presently.
  2. Launcelot: son of John; lived in Dublin, and m. Anne Chamberlain (whose mother’s name was Washington). They had three sons and one daughter:
    1. William, born in St. Bride’s parish, Dublin.
    2. Thomas, of whom presently.
    3. Launcelot, born in St. Bride’s parish, Dublin, and was in that city a manufacturer of metal buttons, and other stamped metal ware.
    4. Mary.
  3. Thomas: second son of Launcelot; born in St. Bride’s parish, Dublin, between a.d. 1807 and 1810; mar. and had:
  4. Edwin E. Armstrong, of the Firm of “Armstrong and Graham,” wholesale manufacturers of horse collars, harness and horse clothing, in the City of Detroit, Michigan, United States, America; living in 1887.


[1] Haughton: The three families of the Armstrongs, the Irwins, and the Haughtons lived convenient to each other, and intermarried a good deal.