Annals of Tigearnach

The Annals of Tigearnach, compiled by Tigearnach, Abbot of Clonmacnoise, in the eleventh century. He was one of the most learned men of that age, and his Annals are considered as one of the most authentic works on ancient Irish history; they contain the history of Ireland from the reign of Kimboath, King of Emania, and Monarch of Ireland, who flourished about B.C. 350, down to the death of the author, in A.D. 1088; and according to O’Reilly, they were continued to the sixteenth century by Augustin MacGradian or MacCraith, a Monk of the Abbey of All Saints, on Lough Ree, in the river Shannon, and county of Longford. O’Reilly says there is a copy of these Annals in the library of Trinity College, Dublin. The Annals of Tigearnach are partly in Irish, and partly in Latin, and have been published in Latin by Dr. O Connor, in the Rerum Hib. Scriptores Veteres; but if these Annals were translated into English, and published with proper annotations, they would form one of the most valuable works on ancient Irish history.