Sheane family genealogy

Arms: Gu. a lion pass. guard. or.

SEAGHAN (Shane or John), brother of Colcan, who is No. 89 on the "O'Brassil" (West) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Seaghain; anglicised Shean, and Segan.

89. Seaghan ("seagh:" Irish, esteem): son of Tuathal Cruinnbheul (or "Tual of the gathered mouth").

90. Glasceann: his son.

91. Muirios [murrish]: his son.

92. Aongus: his son.

93. Cubreathan: his son.

94. Dunbo: his son.

95. Dungal: his son.

96. Tighearnach: his son.

97. Cananan: his son.

98. Anbuidh O'Seaghain ("anabuidh:" Irish, immature): his son.