O'Toole (No.2) family genealogy

Of Connemara

Arms: Same as those of "O'Toole" (No. 1).

DUNLONG, a brother of Faolan who is No. 118 on the (foregoing) "O'Toole" (Princes of Imaile) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Toole, of Connemara.[1]

119. Tuathal: son of Dunlong.

120. Duncuan: his son.

121. Dermod Sugach: his son.

122. Dermod Oge: his son.

123. Awley: his son.

124. Hugh: his son.

125. Tuathal: his son.

126. Felim: his son.

127. Tiboid (or Theobald): his son; living in 1586.

128. Edmond O'Toole: his son.


[1] Connemara: About the time of King Henry VIII., a branch of the O'Tooles of Leinster migrated to the West of Ireland, and settled in the island of Omey, in Iar (or West) Connaught, where their descendants still remain. Under A.D. 1586, Tiboid (or Theobald), who is No. 127 on the foregoing pedigree, is, in the Annals of the Four Masters, described as "a supporter of the poor, and keeper of a house of hospitality" (i.e. a Biatach); and was hanged by a party of English soldiers under Sir Richard Bingham, who were sent on a predatory excursion to Iar-Connaught. "The present O'Tooles of Connemara," says Dr. John O'Donovan, "are reduced to poverty; and are utterly ignorant of their origin."