O'Shaughnessy family genealogy

Chiefs of Cineal Aodha [Kinelee], County Galway

Arms: Vert a triple-towered ar. from each tower a pennant flotant gu. supported by two lions ramp. combatant or. Crest: An arm in chain armour embowed, the hand grasping a spear-shaft broken, all ppr.

FIACHRA Folt-leathan, brother of Brian who is No. 87 on the (No. 1) "O'Connor" (Connaught) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Seachnasaigh; anglicised O'Shaghnasy, O'Shannessy, and O'Shaughnessy.

87. Fiachra Folt-leathan ("folt:" Irish, vein; "leathan," broad): the second son of Eochaidh Muigh-Meadhoin, the 124th Monarch of Ireland; a quo were called the territories in Connaught known as Tir Fiachra, or "Fiachra's Country," and a quo O'Fuiltleathan, anglicised Fulton. This Fiachra had two sons—1. Amhailgadh, and 2. Dathi: the former was the second Christian King of Connaught, who died without issue; it was after him that the territory of Tir Amhailgaidh, now the barony of "Tyrawley," in the county Mayo, was so called.

88. Dathi: second son of Fiachra Folt-leathan; was the 127th Monarch. This Dathi (in imitation of the heroic actions of his uncle, the Monarch Niall of the Nine Hostages, and in prosecution of the conquest of France undertaken by the said uncle, but prevented by his death,) went with a great army into France; and, marching over the Alps, was there killed by a thunderbolt, which put an end to his conquest and life together, A.D. 428.

89. Eocha Breac: his son. This Eocha had three brothers—1. Olioll Molt, the 129th Monarch of Ireland, who, leaving no issue, was slain in the battle of Ocha, A.d. 478; and 2. Fiachra Ealg, who was the ancestor of O'Dowd; 3. Amhailgadh, who was the ancestor of Forbes and MacFirbis.

90. Eoghan (or Owen): son of Eocha Breac. This Owen had a daughter named St. Faoileann, whose feast is on the 13th Sept.

91. Conall: his son; had a brother named Conn Berneach, who was the ancestor of Moghan.

92. Gobhneann: his son.

93. Cobthach: his son.

94. Columhan ("columhan:" Irish, a prop; Lat. "columna;" Welsh, "colovn; " Span. "coluna:" Gr. "kolona"): his son; was the 10th Christian King of Connaught, and the ancestor of Colman, of that province. Had a brother Aodh who was the ancestor of Cahill, of Connaught.

95. Guaire Aidhne: his son; the 12th Christian king; a quo O'Guaire, ("guaire:" Irish, rough hair); anglicised Gware and Gurry; had a brother named Hugh.

96. Artgall: his son.

97. Aodh (or Hugh): his son. This Hugh had two younger brothers—1. Dermod Ruadh [roe], who was the ancestor of Ruane, modernized Rowan; 2. Fergail, who was the ancestor of O'Clery, etc.

98. Morogh: his son.

99. Brian Leath-dearg: his son.

100. Breannan:[1] his son.

101. Duach: his son; had a brother named Tuadan, who was the ancestor of Scanlan.

102. Gabhran: son of Duach.

103. Agna ("agna:" Irish, wisdom; Gr. "agneia," chastity— "chastity" being the surest sign of a wise man): his son.

104. Nochbuaidh: his son.

105. Sidhmach: his son.

106. Maolguala: his son.

107. Cas: his son.

108. Maolciaran: his son.

109. Feargal: his son.

110. Cu-maighe: his son.

111. Donoch: his son.

112. Seachnasach ("seachnaim:" Irish, to escape): his son; a quo O'Seachnasaigh; A.D. 1100.

113. Giall-Buidhe ("buidhe:" Irish, yellow; "giall," a hostage) O'Shaghnasy: his son; a quo O'Giall-Buidhe, anglicised O'Gilby, Ogilby, Galvey, Galwey, Gilbey, and Gilboy.

114. Randal: his son.

115. Giall-Beartach: his son.

116. Roger: his son.

117. Gilbert (2): his son.

118. Owen: his son.

119. John: his son.

120. William: his son.

121. Dermod: his son.

122. Giall-Dubh: his son.

123. Dermod Reach: his son.

124. Sir Roger (2): his son; knighted in 1567.

125. Dermod (2): his son.

126. Captain Roger (3) O'Shaughnasy [2]: his son; Chief of his name; living in 1690; had an only son named William, a Major-General, who died unm., in France, on the 2nd January, 1744; and an only brother named Charles, of Ardmilevan, who, on the death of his nephew, the said William,[3] would have become chief of his name, but that he had died in 1721, leaving three sons:

I. Joseph (d. 1732, s. p. m.), who went to law to recover the family property, in which action he was sustained by the Butlers of Cregg, county Galway. Of those Butlers was the late Major Toby Butler of Cregg, whose aunt was an O'Shaughnasy.

II. Colman (s.p.), who was in Holy Orders, and was Bishop of Ossory, became Chief of his name, on the death of his first cousin Major-General William, in France, in 1744.

III. Robuck, of whom presently.

127. Robuck (d. 1754): third son of Charles, who was brother of Captain Roger; on the death of his brother, Colman succeeded to the Chieftaincy, and d. in 1754; went into law also, striving to recover the family property, but was unsuccessful.

128. Joseph O'Shaughnasy: son of Robuck; conformed to the late Established Church in Ireland; went to law to recover his family property, but did not succeed.


[1] Breannan: According to some genealogists, the following is the pedigree of O'Shaughnessy, down from this Breannan—

100. Breannan: son of Brian Leath-dearg.

101. Tiobrad: his son.

102. Gabhran: his son.

103. Agna: his son.

104. Nochbuaidh: his son.

105. Siodhmhuine: his son.

106. Maoltuile: his son.

107. Maolciaran: his son.

108. Feargal: his son,

109. Cumagh: his son.

110. Donoch: his son.

111. Seachnasach: his son; a quo O' Seachnasaigh.

112. Giall Buidhe O'Shaghnasy ("geall " or "giall:" a hostage; "buidhe," yellow): his son; first assumed this sirname.

113. Radhnall (or Randall); his son.

114. Giolla-na-niomh [neev]: his son.

115. Gilbeartach (or Gilbert): his son.

116. Owen: his son.

117. John Buidhe (or Yellow John): his son.

118. William: his son.

119. Dermod: his son.

120. Gialldubh: his son; d. 1569.

121. Dermod (2): his son; d. 1607.

122. Gialldubh, i.e. Rory: his son; died 1655.

123. Dermod (3): his son.

124. Rory: his son.

125. William O'Seachnasy: his son.

[2] Captain Roger O'Shaughnasy: This Roger m. Helen O'Brien, dau. of Connor, second Lord Clare, who was son of Sir Donal O'Brien, first Lord Clare, who married Catherine, dau. of Gerald, the 16th Earl of Desmond. (See the "O'Brien," Lord Clare, pedigree, ante.) For further information in relation to this ancient family, see Blake-Foster's excellent work, "The Irish Chieftains; or, A Struggle for the Crown" (Dublin: M. H. Gill & Son, 1872); Hardiman's "West Connaught;" p. 57; and the Tribes and Customs of Hy-Fiachra.

In 1843, a barber in Galway was supposed to represent this once noble family.

[3] William: This William had a sister Helen, who married Theobald Butler, and had: Francis Butler (living in 1784), who had: Walter Butler, who had two sons—1. Francis, of Cregg; 2. Theobald, who mar. Nicola St. George, and had: Nicola Butler, living in 1867.