O'Melaghlin family genealogy

Kings of Meath

Arms: Per fess, the chief two coats, 1st, ar. three dexter hands couped at the wrist gu.; 2nd ar. a lion ramp. gu. armed and langued az., the base wavy az. and ar. a salmon naiant ppr.

DONCHADH, a younger brother of Maolseachlinn who is No. 102 on the "Coleman" (of Meath) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Maoilseachlainn; anglicised O'Melaghlin, MacLaughlin, and McLaughlin.

102. Donchadh: son of Flann Sionnach; the 35th Christian King of Meath, and the 171st Monarch of Ireland.

103. Donal: his son; the 40th King of Meath.

104. Maolseachlann ("maol:" Irish, the devoted of; "Seachnal," St. Seachnal,[1] or St. Secundinus): son of Donchadh; a quo O'Maoilseachlainn. Was the 45th Christian King of Meath, and the 174th Monarch of Ireland; and known as King Malachi II. He resumed the throne after the Monarch Brian Boroimhe [boru] was slain at the Battle of Clontarf, A.D. 1014; killed and destroyed such of the Danes as fled from that memorable Battle, and settled the Kingdom; building, re-edifying, and repairing many churches, monasteries, and colleges, formerly burnt and destroyed by the Danes; built St. Mary's Abbey, in Dublin, and settled sufficient maintenance as well upon that and other monasteries and Abbeys, as upon colleges and public schools, for the encouragement of learning and learned men; maintained three hundred scholars out of his own private revenue; and having spent nine years of his second reign as Monarch in the well-ruling and governing his country, in these pious and charitable employments, he retired into the little island of Cro-Inis, on Lough Annin, in the co. Westmeath, where he ended his days penitently and holily, A.D. 1023; others say, in 1034.

105. Donal: son of Malachi II., was the 47th King of Meath. Had three brothers—1. Connor, 2. Murtagh, 3. Flann. This Flann had one son named Murcha or Moroch, who was the last King of Meath, and the father of Dearvorgill, the wife of Tiernan O'Ruarc, the last Prince of Brefney.

106. Connor, the 48th King of Meath: son of Donal; was murdered by his brother, A.D. 1073.

107. Donal: his son.

108. Moroch: his son.

109. Malachi: his son.

110. Arthur: his son.

111. Cormac: his son.

112. Art (or Arthur): his son.

113. Niall (or Neill): his son.

114. Cormac (2): his son.

115. Cormac Oge: his son.

116. Conn Mór: his son.

117. Felim: his son.

118. Felim Oge: his son.

119. Charles: his son:

120. Moroch: his son.

121. Charles (2): his son.

122. Cormac (4): his son.

123. Arthur O'Melaghlin, of Ballindony: his son. [It is stated by O'Connellan that this family, since the reign of Queen Anne, have changed their sirname to MacLaughlin, or McLaughlin.]


[1] St. Seachnal: After this saint, the town of "Dunshaughlin," in the county Meath, is so called.