O'Flynn family genealogy

Of Connaught

Arms: Ar. a dexter arm couped betw. two swords in pale all ppr.

CUORNAN ("corn: Irish, a horn; Arab. "kurn," a horn; Lat. "corn-u"), brother of Uadach, the 9th Christian King of Connaught who is No. 94 on the "O'Connor" (Connaught) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Flainn; anglicised O'Flynn, Flynn, Lynn, and Blood (of Connaught).

94. Cuornan: son of Aodh Abraidh [abrad], the 8th Christian King of Connaught.

95. Maolruanaidh: his son; a quo Siol Maolruana.

96. Annadh: his son.

97. Eocha: his son.

98. Donoch: his son.

99. Moroch: his son.

100. Muireadach: his son.

101. Beolan ("beol:" Irish, the mouth): his son; a quo O'Beolain, of Connaught, anglicised Beolan and Boland.

102. Donall: his son.

103. Flann ("flann:" Irish, blood), meaning "the man with the red complexion:" h i s son; a quo O'Flainn, and the name of the mountain called Sliabh-ui-Fhloinn.

104. Fothach: his son.

105. Feach O'Flynn: his son; the first of the family that assumed this sirname.

106. Eocha (2): his son.

107. Eachtighearnach: his son.

108. Flann (or Florence): his son.

109. Fiachrach: his son.

110. Giallbeartach ("giall:" Irish, a hostage; "beartach," tricky): his son; a quo the sirname O'Giallbeartaigh, anglicised Gilbert.

111. David: his son.

112. Fiachrach (2): his son.

113. Brian: his son; had a brother named Florence or Flann.

114. David (2): his son.

115. Fiachrach (3): his son.

116. Florence (2): his son.

117. Fiachrach (4): his son.

118. Melaghlin: his son.

119. Colla: his son.

120. Edmond O'Flynn: his son.