O'Donel (No.2) family genealogy - Irish Pedigrees

Of Oldcastle and Castlebar

Arms: Per saltire or and gu. issuing from the dexter side in fess an arm sleeved of the first, with the hand ppr. in the centre, holding in pale a passion cross of the second.

CONN OGE O'DONNELL, another younger brother of Sir Nial Garbh who is No. 123 on the "O'Donnell" (of Newport-Mayo) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Donel, of Oldcastle and Castlebar, in the county Mayo; and of O'Donell, of Austria and Spain.

123. Conn Oge: son of Conn; killed at the siege of Donegal Castle, in 1601.

124. Manus: his son; a Colonel under Owen Roe O'Neill.

125. Calbhach Ruadh: his son; a Colonel in the Royalist Army Wars of King Charles the Second; settled in the county Mayo.

126. Hugh, of Oldcastle, in the county of Mayo: his son.

127. Charles (called Calbhach Dubh), of Oldcastle: his son. This Charles had three sons—1. Manus, of Wilford Lodge, born in 1720; 2. Joseph, who was a Lieutenant-General in the Spanish service; 3. Henry, who was a Major-General in the Austrian service.

128. Manus, of Wilford Lodge: son of Charles. This Manus had two sons—1. Joseph; 2. Charles, who was a General of Cavalry in the Austrian service, and who died of wounds in 1805, s.p.

129. Joseph: son of said Manus; a Captain in the Spanish service; died in Santa Cruz.

130. Joseph (2), of Castlebar, in the county Mayo: his son; born in 1780, died in 1834. This Joseph had three sons—1. Manus, who died in 1857, s.p.; 2. Charles; 3. Lewis, who died in 1862. This Lewis had two sons—1. Manus, born in 1858; 2. Charles, born in 1860—both living in 1887.

131. Charles Joseph O'Donel, of 47 Leeson-street, Dublin, Barrister, Chief Magistrate Dublin Metropolitan Police: second son of Joseph; born in 1818, and living in 1887.

132. Manus O'Donel: his son; born in 1871, and living in 1887.