O'Connor (No.7) family genealogy

Of Orgiall, in Ulster

Arms; Gu. a lion pass. guard. or.

FIRBIS, brother of Aongus (or Æneas) who is No. 90 on the "O'Brassil West" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Connor of Orgiall, or of Clann Colla.

90. Firbis: son of Colcan.

91. Tuathal: his son.

92. Sercan: his son.

93. Maonachan ("maoin:" Irish, esteem, wealth): his son; a quo O'Maoinachain, of Ulster, or Orgiall, anglicised Monahan, and Monaghan. From this Maonachan the territory of "Monaghan" was first so called.

94. Rimhiadh: his son.

95. Concobhar ("con:" Irish, of a warrior, and "cobhar," help): his son; a quo O'Conchobhair, anglicised O'Connor.

96. Maolmichil (meaning the devoted of St. Michael): his son; a quo Michil, and Mitchell, of Clan Colla.

97. Dubhdara: his son.

98. Seanghain (Seanghain: Irish, "a child near its time of being born"): his son; a quo O'Sheanghain [1] anglicised Shannon, and Hyde.

99. Giolla Dun O'Connor: his son.


[1] O'Sheanghain: This sirname is quite distinct from O'Sheanchain ("seancha;" Irish, an antiquary or genealogist; "an," one who), anglicised Shanahan, and modernized Shannon.