Nowlan family genealogy

Princes of the Foharta, now the Barony of Forth, County Carlow

[1] Arms: Ar. on a cross gu. a lion pass. betw. four martlets of the first, in each quarter a sword erect of the second. Crest: A martlet ar.

EOCHAIDH FIONN FOHART, a younger brother of the Monarch Conn of the Hundred Battles, who (see p. 358) is No. 80 on the "Stem of the Line of Heremon," was the ancestor of O'Nuallain; anglicised O'Nowlan, and Nolan. Foharta, or, more properly, Foghmhartach ("foghmhar:" Irish, harvest), gen. Foghmhartaigh, being the name by which the descendants of this Eochaidh were called; and the two principal districts inhabited by them still retain the name, viz.—the baronies of "Forth," in the counties of Wexford and Carlow.

80. Eocha Fionn Fohart: son of the Monarch Felim Reachtmhar.

81. Æneas: his son.

82. Cormac: his son.

83. Cairbre: his son.

84. Art-Corb: his son.

85. Mughna: his son.

86. Cuibhe: his son.

87. Iar: his son.

88. Feach (or Fiacha): his son.

89. Ninneadh: his son.

90. Baithin: his son.

91. Eocha: his son.

92. Ronan: his son.

93. Fionnan: his son.

94. Maonach: his son.

95. Fergus: his son.

96. Congal: his son.

97. Dungus: his son.

98. Dunan: his son.

99. Faelan: his son.

100. Nuallan ("nuall:" Irish, a howl, famous; "an," one who): his son; a quo O'Nuallain.

101. Moroch: his son.

102. Dungus (2): his son.

103. Cuinee: his son.

104. Eile: his son.

105. Dunlong: his son.

106. Eocha (3) Fionn: his son.

107. Eocha (4) Oge: his son.

108. Eocha (5): his son.

109. Melaghlin: his son.

110. Ughare: his son.

111. Awly: his son.

112. Donogh: his son.

113. Teige: his son.

114. John (or Shane): his son.

115. Donal (or Daniel): his son.

116. John O'Nowlan: his son; was called "John the Poet." Had two daughters—co-heiresses: one of them was married to —— Beaumont of Hydepark, county Wexford; the name of the other was Anne.

117. Anne O'Nowlan: dau. of said John; m. Brian O'Brien, of Ballinvalley, county Carlow.

118. John O'Brien: their son.

119. William: his son; had a brother named Brian, who emigrated.

120. John: his son; had a brother named Brian. This John O'Brien also emigrated.


[1] Nowlan: Of this family is John Nolan, who in 1887 resided in Dundas-street, Edinburgh, Scotland, whose ancestors were for the last century chiefly located in Ballinamona, near Ballycanew, county Wexford. On his mother's side he comes from two very old and respectable families, viz., the Gilberts and Dickensons, the representatives of whom still reside in the vicinity of Inch, near Gorey. Mr. John Nolan married in 1874 Jane, eldest daughter of John Hughes, of Killygordon, and had issue: 1. Mary-Jane, 2. John-Gilbert, 3. Thomas-Oakes, 4. Heremon-Hughes—all living in 1887.