Notice On Hy-Kinselagh

The counties of Waterford and Wexford were intimately connected with the Anglo-Norman invasion under Strongbow and his followers: Dermod MacMurrough, King of Leinster, after giving his daughter Eva in marriage to Richard de Clare, Earl of Pembroke (commonly called Strongbow), at Waterford, A.D. 1171, also conferred on him the title of "Heir Presumptive to the Kingdom of Leinster." After Dermod's death Strongbow succeeded to the sovereignty of Leinster, in right of his wife Eva, by whom he had an only daughter Isabel, who became heiress of Leinster; and was married to William Marshall, earl of Pembroke; who, in right of his wife, enjoyed the sovereignty of Leinster. Marshall, Earl of Pembroke, had by his marriage with Isabel five sons and five daughters; all the sons, namely, William, Richard, Gilbert, Walter, and Anselm, became in succession earls of Pembroke, and lords or princes of Leinster; but all having died without issue, the male line became extinct; the five daughters were all intermarried into noble families in England, and the different counties of Leinster were divided amongst them and their posterity (see "Hanmer's Chronicle;" and Baron Finglas's "Breviate of Ireland," in Harris's Hibernica).