Molloy (No.3) family genealogy - Irish Pedigrees

Of Harperstown and Oakport, County Roscommon

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms: Same as those of "Molloy." (No. 1.)

CUILEANN, brother of Rory who is No. 112 on the "Molloy" (No. 1) pedigree, was the ancestor of this family.

1. William Mór, known as "The Great William O'Molloy," had four sons:

I. Connor, of whom presently.

II. Edward.

III. Arthur; and

IV. Terence.

This Edward m. Mary O'Connor Don, and had:

Greene O'Molloy, who was a Capt. in O'Gara's regiment, in the Army of King James II. Greene had William (also an officer in O'Gara's regiment), who was attainted on the 2nd November, 1696, and who had two sons: 1. Theobald, a Capt. of Horse in Portugal; and 2. Ignatius.

2. Connor: eldest son of William Mór; was the founder of the Harperstown and Oakport "O'Molloy" families. He had two sons:

I. Theobald, of whom presently.

II. William.

3. Theobald: son of Connor; was a Captain in the Army of William III.; had:

4. Charles, who was pressed into the Jacobite army. He had:

I. John, who d. s.p.

II. Coote.

5. Coote Molloy: second son of Charles; had four sons:

I. Tobias, of whom presently.

II. James.

III. Coote.

IV. William.

6. Tobias, B.L.: eldest son of Coote; d. 1825. He had two sons:

I. Coote, of whom presently,

II. Charles, who had three sons.

7. Coote Molloy: son of Tobias; had three sons:

I. Rev. Coote, of whom presently.

II. Charles.

III. William-James, who had William-Soyes.

8. Rev. Coote Molloy: eldest son of Coote; and had three sons.

I. Coote, of whom presently.

II. Robert.

III. William.

9. Coote Molloy: son of Rev. Coote Molloy.

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