Modern Nobility in Tirconnell

THE following have been the noble families in Donegal since the reign of James the First:—1. Fitzwilliam, earls of Tirconnell. 2. Richard Talbot, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, in the reign of James the Second, was created Duke of Tirconnell. 3. The families of Brownlow and Carpenter have been subsequently earls of Tirconnell. 4. Chichester, earls of Donegal. 5. Conyngham, earls of Mountcharles. 6. Cockayne, barons of Cullen. 7. Hewitt, barons of Lifford. Etc.

Tirconnell was, about A.D. 1585, formed into a county by the lord deputy Perrot; and called Donegal, from its chief town. The names Donegal and Tirconnell are Latinized "Dungallia" and "Tir-Connellia," and sometimes "Conallia."

Donegal, in Irish "Dun-na-nGall," signifying the Fortress of the Foreigners, got its name, it is said, from a fortress erected there by the Danes. This ancient territory was called Tir-Conaill or the Country of Conall, from Conall Gulbin, brother of Owen, and son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, as already mentioned. In modern times the head chiefs of this territory were the O'Donnells: hence it was called "O'Donnell's Country."