Modern Nobility in Ossory, Offaley and Leix

The following have been the noble families in Kilkenny, King's and Queen's Counties, since the reign of King John:—

In Kilkenny: Marshall, earls of Pembroke; De Clare, earls of Gloucester and Hertford; and De Spencer, as above mentioned, were all lords of Kilkenny; Butler, earls of Ormond and Ossory, and marquises and dukes of Ormond, earls of Kilkenny, earls of Gowran, earls of Glengall, earls of Carrick, viscounts of Galmoy, viscounts Mountgarrett, and barons of Kells; Butler, earls of Ossory; Fitzpatrick, barons of Gowran and earls of Ossory; Grace, barons of Courtown; Fitzgerald, barons of Burntchurch; Wandesford, earls of Castlecomer; De Montmorency, [1] viscounts Montmorres and viscounts Frankfort; Flower, barons of Castle Durrow and viscounts Ashbrook; Ponsonby, earls of Besborough, and viscounts Duncannon; Agar, barons of Callan, viscounts of Clifden, and barons of Dover; Cuffe, viscounts Castlecuffe, and barons of Desart.

In Queen's County: Marshall, earls of Pembroke; De Bruce and Mortimer, as above mentioned, were lords of Leix; Fitzpatrick, barons of Castletown, barons of Gowran, and earls of Upper Ossory; Butler, barons of Cloughgrennan; Coote, earls of Mountrath; Moylneux, viscounts of Maryborough and earls of Sefton, in England; Dawson, earls of Portarlingtou; De Vesey, barons of Knapton and viscounts De Vesey or De Vesci.

In King's County: Fitzgerald, barons of Offaley and earls of Kildare; Digby, barons of Geashill, and earls Digby, in England; O'Carroll, barons of Ely; O'Sionnagh or Fox, barons of Kilcourcey; O'Dempsey, barons of Philipstown and viscounts of Clanmaliere; Lambert, barons of Kilcourcey and earls of Cavan; Blundell, barons of Edenderry; the family of Parsons, at Birr or Parsonstown, earls of Ross and barons of Oxmantown; Molesworth, barons of Philipstown; Moore, barons of Tullamore; Bury, barons of Tullamore and earls of Charleville; Toler, earls of Norbury and viscounts Glandine; Westenra, barons of Rossmore.


[1] Montmorency: In p. 135, Vol. I., of the "De la Ponce MSS.," are given twenty-seven generations of this family: commencing with Bouchard I., who d. A.D. 984, and ending with Hervey, who d. 1840.