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From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms: Or, a lion ramp. az. Crest: a demihusbandman holding over the dexter shoulder an ox-yoke ppr.

SIR BRYAN MacMAHON, who is No. 122 (124?) on the "MacMahon" (of Monaghan) pedigree, had a son named Sir Bryan, who was the ancestor of Mahon, of Connaught.

122. Sir Bryan MacMahon, lord of Dartry: son of Hugh Oge; died A.D. 1620.

123. Sir Bryan: his son; had a brother named Art, who died in 1634, and who was ancestor of MacMahon, of Dartry. This Sir Bryan was the first of the family who, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, settled in Connaught.

124. James: his son; acquired by purchase the estate of Lisduff, in the county Galway.

125 Bryan: his son; married Magdalin, daughter of Poer (or Power) of Loughrea; died in 1695.

126. Bryan Mahon: his son; first of the family that omitted the prefix Mac; married in 1693 Ellinor, daughter of Ross Gaynor of Westmeath; had an elder brother named James, who was the head of the "Mahon" family of Beechill.

127. Ross Mahon: his son; m. in 1721 Jane Usher; had three sons—1. Ross, 2. John, 3. Peter: both John and Peter died unmarried. This Ross had two brothers—1. James, 2. Peter—both of whom also died unmarried.

128. Ross Mahon: son of Ross; married in 1762 the Hon. Lady Anne Brown (daughter of John, then lord Monteagle, but afterwards earl of Altamont), by whom he had seven sons—1. Ross, who, in 1818, became the first baronet; 2. John, who married Lady Charlotte Brown, daughter of Peter, the second earl of Altamont, and died leaving no male issue; 3. George, who d. young and unmarried; 4. Henry [1]; 5. James [2]; 6. Charles, who d. unm.; 7. George, who married Sophia Ker, and died leaving one son Charles, who died leaving no male issue.

129. Sir Ross Mahon, eldest son of Ross; married in 1786 Lady Elizabeth Browne, daughter of Peter, second earl of Altamont, and by her had no male issue. In 1805 he married, secondly, Diana, daughter of —— Baber, Esq., of Park-street, Grosvenor-square, London, and by her (who died in 1807) he had one son, Ross, who died an infant. He married, thirdly, Maria, daughter of the Right Hon. James Fitzgerald, and by her had five sons—1. Ross, 2. James, 3. William, 4. John, 5. Henry; was created a baronet in 1818; and died 1837.

130. Rev. Sir William Ross Mahon, the fourth baronet; rector of Rawmarsh, Rotherham, Yorkshire, England, third son (by the third marriage) of Sir Ross Mahon, the first baronet: living in 1877. His eldest brother, Sir Ross Mahon, the second baronet died unmarried, and was succeeded in the baronetcy by his next brother Sir James, who was the third baronet, and who also died unmarried. This Sir William (Vesey) Ross Mahon had two surviving brothers—1. John Ross Mahon (J.P., county Roscommon), of Castlegar, Ahascragh, county Galway; 2. Henry.

131. William-Henry: son of Sir William Ross Mahon; born 1856, and living in 1877; had then four surviving brothers—1. John, 2. James-Vesey, 3. Edward, 4. Gilbert.

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[1] Henry. This Henry Mahon married Anne, daughter of Rev. Abraham Symes, D.D., and died in 1838, leaving three sons—1. Ross, 2. Henry, 3. George: this Ross Mahon (of Belgrave-square, Monkstown, county Dublin, living in 1877), married, first, Jane, daughter of Sir Hugh Crofton, Bart, and by her had no issue; the said Ross married, secondly, Hariet, daughter of Rev. Henry King, of Ballylin, in King's County, and by her had four sons—1. Henry, 2. Ross, 3. George, 4. Arthur, the four of whom living in 1877.

[2] James: This James Mahon married Frances Kerr, and by her had one son John, who married Frances Dillon, by whom he had two sons (living in 1877)—1. James, 2. George.