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From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms: Sa. three garbs or.

MOROCH-NA-nGAODHAIL, brother of Diarmaid-na-nGhall who is No. 114 on the "MacMorough" pedigree, was the ancestor of this branch of that family.

114. Moroch-na-nGaodhail: son of Donoch, King of Leinster.

115. Morogh: his son; slain, A.D. 1193.

116. Donoch Reamhar: his son.

117. Murtagh: his son.

118. Donoch:[1] his son.

119. Redmond: son of Donoch. Had a younger brother Dermot who was the father of Maurice, father of Donach [2] Dubh [dhu].

120. Sheanach: son of Redmond; had a brother Maurice.

121. Manus: son of Sheanach.

122. Daibhidh Mór: his son; a quo MacDaibhidh Mór, anglicised MacDavid-Mór, MacDamore, Davidson, Davis, Davison, Daws, Dawson, Davy, and Davys. Had a brother Richard. The descent from this Daibhidh (or David) Mór MacMorough is carried down four generations more on the "Davidson" genealogy, namely down to Patrick MacDavid [3] Mór.

123. Bhadhach ("badhach:" Irish, loving, famous) MacMorough: son of Richard; a quo MacVaddock, in Irish MacBhadhaigh. In English this Bhadach's name was written "Bhaday." The patrimony of this family was about Gorey, county Wexford.

Of this Sept was Teige Mac Vaddock, who was living temp. King Henry VIII.; and whose son Donal McVaddock and Teige obtained a pardon on 20th Nov. 6 Edward VI., A.D. 1552. Thomas MacVaddock, who was Chief of the Sept, A.D. 1641, married Grany, dau. of Dowling Kavanagh of the county Carlow. The name "MacVaddock" has been latterly corrupted into Wadeck.

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[1] Donoch. This Donoch (No. 118) had a brother named Connor, who was father of Dermod, father of William, father of Maurice, father of Murtogh, who was Abbot of Ferns, co. Wexford.

[2] Donoch Dubh: Some members of the ''O'Murphy" (of Wexford) family are of opinion that this Donoch Dubh MacMorough was their ancestor; but (see the "Murphy No. 1 genealogy, we must go much farther back than Donoch Dubh MacMorough, for the ancestor of the "O'Murphy" (of Hy-Felimy) family.

[3] MacDavid: The patrimony of the "MacDavid Mór" family lay about Glascarrig, co. Wexford, and is now known as the Macnamores. Redmond MacDavid Mór was the chief of this sept. A.D. 1611.