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From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms: Same Arms and Crest as "MacSweeney" (No. 1).

ACCORDING to p. 118 of the Vol. F. 4. 18, in the MS. Lib. of Trin. Coll. Dublin, Maolmuire who is No. 112 on the "MacSweeney" (No. 1) pedigree, had a brother Moroch Oge, from whom the descent was as follows:

112. Moroch Oge: son of Moroch Mór.

113. Maolmuire: his son.

114. Tirloch Clogh: his son.

115. Tirloch Ruadh: his son.

116. Maolmuire: his son.

117. Rory: his son.

118. Tirloch: his son.

119. Donal: his son.

120. Donal Gorm: his son;

121. Donal: his son.

122. Donal Gem, "Dux Militum de Rynedevocharigy, Co. Donegall, Arm., ob. ib. 17th Feb., 1636, Sepultus in Clondawydoge:" son of Donal; m. Honora, dau. of Owen MacSweeny na Tuaighe, "de Castlenaduagh, Co. Donegall, Arm.," and had six sons and four daughters. The daughters were—1. Mary; 2. Grana; 3. Honora; 4. Alice; and the sons were—1. Hugh, s.p.; 2. Daniel; 3. Walter, m. to Mary, dau. of Walter, son of Lochlan MacSweeney of Ray, co. Donegal, arm.; 4. Mal; 5. Hugh Buidhe; 6. Moroch.

123. Daniel: second son of Donal Gem; m. Ellen, dau. of Fachnach, O'Ferrall "de Moat, co. Longford, arm.," and had two sons and two daughters. The sons were—1. Richard; 2. John, who was a priest (sacerdos); and one of the daughters was the wife of a Mr. Kirwan (uxor Ciravan).

124. Richard MacSweeney: the son of Daniel; m. "Honestas, filia Christr. Neterville, de Fethard, co. Tip.;" s.p.

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