MacSheehy family genealogy

Arms: Quarterly, 1st, az. a lion pass. guard, ar.; 2nd, ar. three lizards vert; 3rd, az. three pole-axes in fess or; 4th, ar. a ship with three masts sa.

ALASTRUM (or Alexander), brother of Æneas (or Aongus) Mór who is No. 105 on the "MacDonnell" (of Antrim) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Sithaigh, and MacSithaigh; anglicised MacSheehy, and Sheehy.

105. Alastrum ("ala:" Irish, a swan; "astraim," to carry), or Alexander: son of Donall; a quo Alexander, Lester, MacAllister, Macalister, Saunders, and Saunderson.

106. Eachdun: his son.

107. Sithach an Dornadoir ("sioth:" Irish, an atonement; "ach," one who), meaning "Sithach the Boxer:" his son: a quo O'Sithaigh; living in 1380.

108. William Fionn: his son.

109. Dunsithach MacSheehy: his son; first assumed this sirname.

110. William (2): his son.

111. Dermod Baccach: his son.

112. William (3): his son.

113. Dermod (2): his son.

114. John: his son.

115. Dermod MacSheehy: his son.