MacDermot Roe (No.2) family genealogy

Of Kilronan

Arms: Same as those of "MacDermott" (No. 1).

DIARMAID DALL, a brother of Giollachriosd who is No. 116 on the (No. 1) "MacDermott" pedigree, was the ancestor of MacDermott Ruadh (or "MacDermott Roe.")

116. Diarmaid Dall: son of Conchobhar (or Connor), Lord of Moylurg, who was living in 1251.

117. Cormac: his son.

118. Diarmuid Ruadh ("ruadh:" Irish, red): his son; a quo MacDermott Roe; living in 1320.

119. Cormac Oge: his son.

120. Melaghlin: his son.

121. Teige: his son.

122. Eoghan: his son.

123. Diarmaid: his son; had a brother Owen.[1]:

124. Maghnus: his son.

125. Maghnus: his son.

126. Cathal (or Charles): his son.

127. Conchobhar: his son; living in 1657.

128. Dubhaltach (or Dudley) MacDermott Roe: his son.


[1] Owen: This Owen had Teige: who had Connor (Patentee of 1608); who had Charles Dubh: who had Henry of Kilronan (who, in 1667, had confirmation of his estates on a Decree of Innocence): who had two sons—1. Henry (d. s. p.); 2. John, B.L., who had four sons—1. Charles (d. s. p.); 2. Thomas (died 1823), of whom presently; 3. A son, who was a Roman Catholic Bishop of Ardagh; 4. Matthew, an M. D., who had Charles, an M.D.; 5. Charles. This Thomas (who died 1823) had two sons—1. French; 2. Molloy; and French had—1. Thomas MacDermot Roe, and 2. William-French MacDermot Roe, of the 49th Regiment.