MacBrannen family genealogy

Arms: Sa. an eagle displ. or, and a border compony az. and gu.

BRANAN, a brother of Combhach, who is No. 110 on the "Dunne" pedigree, was the ancestor of MacBranain, anglicised MacBrannen, and Brannen.

110. Branan ("bran:" Irish, a raven [1]: son of Caroill; a quo MacBranain.

111. Congalach: his son.

112. Cusliabh: his son.

113. Caroill: his son.

114. Giollacumhdach: his son.

115. Amhailgadh [awly]: his son.

116. Melachlin: his son.

117. Awly (2): his son.

118. Murtagh: his son.

119. Awly (3): his son.

120. Awly Oge MacBrannen: his son.


[1] Raven: This Branan must have had hair as dark as a raven; or, in battle, have been as impetuous as a mountain torrent: for bran, which also means "chaff," has those meanings. It may be here observed that bran is the root of the sirnames Brain, Brian, Brien, Bryan, Bryant, Byrne, Byron, O'Brien, O'Byrne, and of the Latin Bren-us. And it may be added that "Brannen" and "Brennan" are distinct sirnames.